DJ Ape World Tour - A unique IRL Ape experience

A few Apes got together and created a dope Yacht Party in Dubai. The idea was to create a unique experience all around the Ape theme including live DJ performance by DJ Ape, wearing his physical Ape mask, acrylic Ape on a Yacht painting and auction, VR Painting by Japanese Apes, Banana Pillows, Bored Vapes and an NFT necklace treasure hunt.

We want to extend the experience with more sick ideas and touring already to Portugal, Ibiza, Istanbul, back to Dubai and trying to get a way into F1 in Abu Dhabi at the closing race of the year plus further locations on the wishlist.

We can manage and fund a few basic things, but need the support of the community and ApeCoinDAO to really deliver the full vision into IRL.

Working on the Proposal and looking forward to any kind of feedback and support

Added some impressions from our last events:

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Sounds interesting, specially the tour part but how do you think this will benefit $ape as a whole tho?
Activation requires lots of effort and your ideas right now seems interesting enough for clout, like hosting a high end party in one of the most exotic places, ultimately ending the tour in ( most probably ) Dubai again.
Can you elaborate how do you plan to achieve this in a way that DAO can help make this a reality?
P.S. I think you should change the category into “Discussion” instead of AIP as of right now :smiley:


I absolutely love the overall concept! Could you provide a rough budget estimate? Can’t wait for the Cali stop! The proposal for events and tours is exciting, as they foster a unique connection among us. It’s great to hear that Dubai was a lively party!

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Thanks for your feedback @Evil

There are multiple ways how to promote APE coin:

  • include APE coin visuals into our animations
  • sell tickets with $APE or give exclusive Discount when using $APE
  • produce a music track about $APE
  • do collaborations with Web2 brands, they can sell limited edition products with $APE
  • …more ideas from the community

Im going back to Cali…

We are working on several elements for the show, stops, partnerships, there a lots of variables that determine overall budget, thats why still wip

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Yooo thats nice!
Good luck <3

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Hi @brainstorm,

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Follow this Topic as further updates will be posted here in the comments. @brainstorm please see your messages for the next steps.


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