does dao council receive pay?

hello, I"m trying to better understand the pay structure for the council members? I see the couple of aips for council nomination and voting, curious about pay structure? are members paid? how much? how often? is it performance based? thanks


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Yes, they are paid roles. Start with this AIP:



thanks very much for sending this over, very insightful.


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Their pay is not performance based. Not sure if you saw it, but at the bottom of AIP-138: The Special Council Election Process, they talk about compensation.


Hey clouds, glad to have you on the forum and joining the DAO.

Unfortunately their pay when the AIP passed was not based on performance nor it included any kind of expected accountability, but chosen mostly because of them being high profile people within the community and their companies.

Most people hoped and expected that because of their reputation they were gonna execute greatly, which we don’t know as of yet because of a lack of communication from their side.

So yeah, they’re getting $20k a month no questions asked.

There will be an opportunity to change this though, with the upcoming Special Council nominations and elections, where 5 new people will be on the Board and guide the DAO moving forward.

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