@dvee - Discourse Facilitator Application for Term Beginning June 2023

Personal Information

Discourse ID: @Zack74eth

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Zack74eth

Nomination Statement

With high attention to detail and strong risk assessment abilities, I am a dedicated member of the Apes ecosystem, eager to contribute to the ape family by fostering open and healthy discussions. My background in project management, combined with my excellent communication and patience skills, ensures that I stay current with the latest tools and technology to effectively facilitate dialogue within our community.


Bump! Had no idea this was the homie Zack74 running… Great guy. Smart af. Choices getting tougher and tougher.

Wen ApeComms Twitter Spaces debate?



Someone say… debate? :eyes:


Haha… Something tells me Chris may have some experience with this.

Proceed with caution candidates!


Thanks a lot, All City, for your kind words and recognition. Your support means a lot for me!

Also thanks to @0xAmplify who assisted me from the Admin side to change my old handle in Discourse. Despite some initial struggles, it’s finally achieved. My time with DAO has enriched my experience and knowledge significantly, and I am eager to become more actively involved in DAO discourse.

Regrettably, I cannot change my handle on Snapshot, where I am known as @dvee. Despite this minor setback, my dedication to the role remains undeterred. I am committed to serving with full focus and dedication, unlike some other candidates who may be distracted by multiple responsibilities or proposals.

If you vote for me, you’re voting for an individual wholly dedicated to the cause, undiluted by any competing interests. My motivation is heart-felt, and I would truly appreciate your support in this journey. It would mean the world to me if you could like or retweet this post.

As Zack dvee, I’m looking forward to serving as your Apecoin Discourse Facilitator. My promise to you is that I will utilize my expertise to provide the best possible experience within DAO pertaining to my role. I am eager to serve you and look forward to your support.

Apologies for any confusion caused :purple_heart: :sparkles:



Vote for dvee and get Zack74 for free :joy:

I’m a passionate Ape, read the thread below to know me better👇

Due to some technical difficulties in discourse, I go by two names - dvee and Zack74. I’m eager to serve as an Apecoin facilitator.

My patience and directness are traits that will be instrumental in this role. I kindly ask for your consideration when casting your vote. as your Apecoin facilitator.

Thank you for your support in advance!

Dvee AKA Zack💜


Wen Ape Coin Radio interview? :eyes:


We’re ready for it! But I think we’re running out of time…


It was a bit hard to coordinate with the different time zones, The radio team did great job communicating with me, hopefully we can do it for another position.

Congratulations to @CryptoLogically and @12GAUGE