Eminem concert on the otherside with tickets paid in $ape

As in the title, we can host multiple concerts on the otherside, sell tickets in $ape to cover the cost of the singer/band then burn the rest of the $ape earned.

Thank you, and welcome to the community. Please follow the template here so we have a better idea of how you will accomplish this:

Thank you!


Word, the idea is there. But like Amplify said, it’s great to have as clear a vision as possible when putting these things forward. Having a solid and well-reasoned budget grounded in factual examples, as well as a time-frame for execution, specific number of concerts, as well as factoring other facets like marketing, platforms, streaming logistics and other incidentals will surely help your idea reach the next step.

Lastly, I don’t think you literally meant “burn” in the traditional sense, but as you may know it’s been set forth that no $APE is to be “burned” so that the supply will remain consistent at one billion in perpetuity.

Good luck, looking forward to reading the full proposal! That VMA performance was a ground-breaker and I’m curious to see what the future holds for Otherside performances, especially those that link the “real-world” to the virtual.


Funnily enough I thought of this idea (minus the sale of tickets) in relation to the live streaming of the music (by an OG artist) at the IRL event I proposed AIP-127

Improbable.io (the British company that developed the technology for Otherside) are very good at processing and managing special audio in the metaverse between the “users” but for a concert to happen you’d also need to have your talent in a particular IRL setting which I don’t think has been developed yet to match the interoperability capabilities offered by M² technology!

Perhaps there are already IRL studios that are developing such settings but I doubt it has been tested before because what Improbable/Yuga/Animoca did during the first Otherside journey was itself the first of its kind!

I already mentioned the idea to Justin (3lau) for live streaming live music at our NYE party into the Otherside but he said he wouldn’t know how it could work. I’d imagine Eminem or anyone else not knowing either.

The best people who could offer some insight or ultimately make it happen would be folks at Improbable!

I’m not sure if @HermanNarula or anyone in their team is here!

Would be interesting to hear if anyone has any experience of attending concerts in the “metaverse” at all! I’ve been to some “events” in decentraland and crypto voxels and elsewhere but i wouldn’t categorise them as “concerts”! There was never proper special audio and extremely limited interpolation if you could even call it that! Lol


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