Enhancing MBA Brand Exposure: Unboxing Web3 Partnership Proposal


Ecosystem Fund Allocation


We are Tony Casoria (Guccheetah) and Dylan Brodigan (Cryptodilly) from MBA Brand Unboxing Web3 (MBA #00462). Both Guccheetah and Cryptodilly have been active content creators in the Web3 space for years. They are original members of Yugalabs’ Project 10KTF (OG) and serve as official members of 10KTF local media. Additionally, they are active members of BAYC. Prior to joining forces on Unboxing Web3, Cryptodilly ran the popular weekly YouTube series “Speculation Alley” (111 videos/1000 subscribers) as part of 10KTF local media, while Guccheetah contributed under the project name “Fake News Tokyo”. Guccheetah also founded MBA Brand House OG (MBA #10000).

Unboxing Web3 is a series on YouTube and X that debuted in November 2023, dedicated to educating, showcasing, and reviewing various products within the Web3 space. So far, Unboxing Web3 has released 44 videos reviewing products from esteemed companies such as Gucci, Nike/RTFKT, PUMA, BAPE, BAYC, and other MBA brands. Notably, they have highlighted several MBA brands, including 288 Whiskey, Boring Brew, Apevine, Frens Chocolate, Reverie, House OG, and Bored Spirits.

In its six months since inception, Unboxing Web3 has garnered over 50,000 episode views across various social media platforms:

  • YouTube: 18,000 views

  • X: 30,000 views

  • Instagram: 4,000 views


The Made By Apes (MBA) program is an innovative concept, and in its inaugural year, it has empowered hundreds of budding creatives and entrepreneurs to launch promising businesses. At this juncture, each MBA brand embodies a labor of passion with the potential to evolve into a sustainable business. However, like all endeavors born from passion, a pivotal moment arrives where sustainability and profitability must be attained to ensure longevity. MBA brands are in dire need of exposure to enlighten both the community and beyond about their offerings. This is where Unboxing Web3 steps in.

With a proven track record of crafting high-quality content and showcasing the work of builders within the space, our objective is to leverage our skills to elevate all brands operating within Web3, with a specific emphasis on Made By Apes licensed brands.

To achieve this, we will categorize our approach into several key areas:

  • Editing & Production
  • Time Compensation
  • Product Acquisition

Our mission begins with establishing a content calendar that spotlights individual brands within the Made By Apes Bodega that accept Apecoin as a form of payment for products. This involves setting transparent guidelines, managing brand expectations, fostering meaningful partnerships, and generating content for the ApeCoin ecosystem.

The Unboxing Web3 team has already featured numerous brands within the ApeCoin ecosystem. This is achieved by collaborating with brands that accept ApeCoin as currency, showcasing the physical products they offer as digital-native brands.

The desired outcomes include:

  • Creating content for brands that may lack resources.
  • Producing high-quality content for increased exposure.
  • Developing a transparent content calendar with deadlines for deliverables.
  • Producing a series of Made By Apes videos that spotlight builders, with an emphasis on those using ApeCoin.
  • Apecoin watermark/logo in all videos produced for this series.
  • Supporting builders within the Apecoin ecosystem by purchasing and showcasing their products.
  • Giveaways of selected brands to increase exposure.


We propose to continue creating Unboxing videos for as many MBA brands as possible, without cost to the MBA brands themselves. Each MBA brand Unboxing episode will educate viewers on the project and its products, providing guidance on how to follow and purchase these products. Unboxing Web3 will purchase $750 or Apecoin Equivalent of product from selected brands, anything in excess of necessary product used for filming will be used for giveaways to promote the product further. Additionally, the episodes will include an unboxing and review of a product or service, and in some cases an interview of the founders of the MBA brand.


The MBA-focused Unboxing Web3 series aligns with the ApeCoin DAO’s mission to foster community-led projects that inject culture into the metaverse. This series will bring exposure to MBA brands and ApeCoin-funded projects by narrating the stories of these MBA brands, and showcasing their products or services.

By highlighting successful MBA & ApeCoin projects, this initiative will:

  • Amplify the marketing efforts of various MBA brands, raising awareness within the community and beyond about products and services built using BAYC IP.
  • Drive adoption of BAYC IP usage by presenting real-world examples of its successful integration into business.
  • Generate revenue for MBA brands through increased sales resulting from video content showcasing purchasing instructions and in-depth product/service reviews.
  • Offer valuable exposure for featured projects and the individuals behind them, promoting their ventures and attracting new customers or potential investors.
  • Attract new members to the BAYC & ApeCoin communities by showcasing diverse creative opportunities for IP use cases.
  • Provide valuable marketing by including “Sponsored by ApeCoin/Apechain” on videos created for MBA Brands.
  • Enhance internal and external communication with these brands and increase community engagement with them.
  • Engage and prioritize MBA Brands that accept Apecoin at point of sale, this will increase adoption of apecoin for MBA brands with an online store.


All episodes will be filmed, edited in HD, and distributed on X, YouTube, and Instagram. Each featured MBA brand will receive one long-form unboxing video (approximately 10 minutes) and two short-form videos (1-2 minutes each).



  • MBA Brands will submit for a feature via a form on www.unboxingweb3.com under one of the following categories: Food & Beverage; Fashion/Physicals; Entertainment/Gaming; Services.
  • MBA Brands will be prioritized by those using Apecoin to accept purchases for their specific products.
  • Each week, a product category will be selected, and an X poll will be conducted on @unboxingweb3 featuring the first four MBA brands that have submitted for that category.
  • The community will vote for the MBA brand they want to see featured on Unboxing Web3.
  • MBA brands not selected will be prioritized for future episodes within their respective categories, ensuring fair opportunities for all MBA brands.


  • For MBA brands receiving the most votes via the X Poll, Unboxing Web3 will contact the MBA brand to learn more about their offerings and make a purchase of the item or service to be reviewed, along with additional product/service purchases to be included in a giveway to further promote that respective brand.
  • Once the product or service is received, filming will commence.
  • Following filming, episodes will be sent to a third-party for editing and production of one long-form and two short-form videos.
  • Upon completion, MBA brands will be notified, and episodes will be scheduled for release.


Two MBA brand features per month (totaling six videos per month) for 12 months.

  • Within 1 week of approval of the AIP, a form will go live on www.unboxingweb3.com for MBA submissions.
  • Within the first two weeks of the AIP approval, the first X poll will go live in an MBA category, with polls going live biweekly.
  • Within three weeks of the AIP approval, the selected MBA brand will be notified and episode filming will be scheduled.


  • 52 weeks, 26 MBA brand features, 26 long form videos (appx: 10m mins) 52 short form videos (1-2 mins)


This budget proposal requests an allocation of $APE tokens equivalent to $97,400 USD to cover Unboxing Web3’s operational needs for the next twelve months.

● Post Production Costs - Creative Agency:

○ Monthly post-production editing service: $1,400/mo (2 Long Form, 6 short form).

○ Content Management Services: $700/mo.

○ Thumbnail and Graphic Design: $500/mo.

● Product Acquisition/Promotion:

○ Monthly budget for acquiring Made By Apes products: $1,500/mo.

○ Monthly budget for paid advertising/promotion: $2,000/mo

● Compensation of Time:

○ (2) Hosts at a rate of $50/hr for 4 hours: $1,600/mo

● Equipment Upgrades:

○ Fixed Budget to improve cameras, lighting, and other gear: $5,000


At the beginning of each quarter, a comprehensive outline will be disseminated to the ApeCoin DAO and across all social media platforms, detailing the following:

  • MBA brands highlighted on Unboxing Web3 throughout the quarter.
  • Links to the videos featuring each showcased MBA brand.
  • Aggregate metrics such as total views, likes, comments, and other engagement indicators stemming from the featured content.
  • A calendar outlining all scheduled MBA brand unboxings for the upcoming quarter.

As an MBA builder, I love the idea and find the financial ask reasonable.

To better tie this with benefiting the DAO, a couple suggestions to consider:

  1. Agree to be “Sponsored by ApeCoin/ApeChain” as a way to increase the reach of the DAO and its interests. This could be anything from a quick shout out to graphics to a more involved approach.

  2. Give preference or save placeholders for MBA who are also AIP beneficiaries, further increasing the reach of the DAO’s brand.

Appreciate the submission. Love the thought behind this.


Yes, we are very open to implementing these suggestions!


These are great ideas! Thank you @VonFrontin

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