Enhancing Working Group Transparency

@AllCityBAYC Great starting a conversation about Working Group Transparency. It is a topic much discussed in the forum. Good that you have put up an Idea left open for feedback from the community.

A reminder to all the Idea phase is important, so authors can get valuable feedback from the community before moving on to the Draft phase.

Firstly, this could be legally challenged, as people choose to be elected with amount of compensation clearly stated in the application.

Secondly, this should be put as a separate AIP as changing AIP agreed compensation is not in the scope of the title - Enhancing Working Group Transparency.

Thirdly, each Working Group, once they have had an AIP approved, we cannot tell them how to use the funding of that AIP.

Fourthly, with two Stewards there is no rule yet for the Lead to have the veto power.

Working Group Leads: Currently, even with two Stewards the Lead does not have Veto power. As this was not included in the description of the Working Group Leads in AIP-239.

Finally, these issues show the importance of OKR1 on AIP-408 is to revise the Working Group Charter. Once the elections are completed and the new Stewards are all onboarded we should look to complete the this before August 1st, 2024, as stated in the AIP.