Establish DAO Communications Team and Processes

Well thought-out proposal. From the perspective of the Magic Eden team, who just underwent our first AIP submission, I think this communications team would be greatly appreciated. Many members of the team of 7 helped us understand the process of submitting AIP and steps involved. Our recent marketplace proposal was submitted around the same time as other ones - Vulkan, Sword, and SSP were extremely responsive, helpful, but also objective in their communications with us knowing that there were other proposals in play. To encourage more growth of the DAO and proposals, I think another function of the comms team could be to talk to ecosystem players or other groups to invite proposal submission to further the DAO.


Hi Swarm,
Appreciate your questions. I believe @ap3father reached out to you about joining the unofficial discord. The members of the comms team proposal don’t have mod permissions, we are just coordinating there. We did our best to answer your original questions here, but it would probably be easiest if you go to the discord, see what we’re doing, and we could work through your more specific questions and concerns there. Would love to know how you think we could make this proposal stronger!


I do not want to dox myself further with that detail. But my role was at the executive level and managed a large team. More importantly, it seems that we are in agreement that a communications function can be scaleable, and we will take note of not taking on more work that the team can handle. The goal of course would be to grow (many volunteers have already raised their hands) as needs grow. Thanks for the comments.


Thank you for your support and feedback! Having the Magic Eden team come in and announce their marketplace proposal definitely raised eyebrows (in a good way) both inside and outside the community. Encouraging other ecosystem players to submit their ideas is exactly the type of thing that will help us grow and enhance the ecosystem.


I suggest that you need to update the proposal with the following details:

  • Clear KPI for five primary functions that the DAO will be able to use to measure quality of your work

  • You should guarantee that each team member will present one time per week a text report to the DAO about what was done

  • In the proposal should be clearly communicated how to stop your work if quality of your performance is low

  • You need to communicate in the proposal about what measurable criteria you used to choose the exact 7 members out of all DAO contributors

  • In the proposal you need to clearly communicate how much time per day and for what exact tasks each team member will allocate their time

  • You need to include in the proposal the process on how the DAO can assign tasks to The Communications Team

  • You need to communicate about what verifiable experience each team member has with public relations. Answer “I worked as an executive of a big PR team for over a decade” doesn’t work

  • Each team member should report how much time and for which project he works at the moment. Also describe all vested interests.


Thanks for your input @Swarm & these suggestions have been noted. We all appreciate them & will look at how to integrate some of these into the proposal. You’re also going to really appreciate how we are able to drive attention & conversations towards proposals like yours. Thank you again!


I think a communications team drawn from DAO members and representing DAO members is a positive and necessary step to drive ecosystem adoption. Full disclosure, I have been a part of the unofficial discord and have provided feedback on the development of the draft Proposal. A part of that feedback was to establish a voting mechanism and allow community members to apply and be voted in - similarly to LitDAO and a few notable others. My feedback and others was taken on board and reflected in the ‘Future Plans’ section and over the course of the drafting process, I came to realise that the team members recommended here are passionate and informed members who represent the spectrum of the community from OGs, to Mutants and Apecoin holders. They are committed to drive the ecosystem through a number of routine deliverables (e.g. regular spaces) and ad hoc deliverables (e.g. AIP drafting advice). You will see lots of advice and support they have given community members in the discourse. I think there are some further rock solid ideas here to keep refining this through definition of a team structure with a split between moderation (discord or another platform) and the other responsibilities and establishing KPIs.
With regards to KPIs I think we should take an ‘agile’ approach and not get too wedded to what is in the initial proposal as we will learn as we go. Most important thing is to get started and get learning IMHO.


Thanks for the vote of confidence @StoicDegen! We really appreciate the feedback you gave us. Ultimately, our goal is to bring value to our DAO to help push it forward and we are confident our proposed communications team will do that.

Like you mentioned, we are a passionate group who takes pride in helping others. We have been doing it for months and now want to take it a step further and build out an official team to expand our reach. We will learn as we go and continue to make improvements and evolve.


Appreciate everyone’s comments, questions, and suggestions! We have been listening and have been working hard to incorporate your feedback to make this proposal even stronger!


Thanks to everybody who has provided feedback. We have been discussing every piece of feedback provided here extensively, and we will be continuing to do that and to iterate this proposal as we move into the AIP Draft phase of the AIP.

Most notably, we’ll be proposing specific KPIs and suggesting specific and well defined roles and responsibilities, which seems to have been the most commonly provided piece of feedback that we’ve received.


Regarding us opening up an official Discord or another discussion platform, after much discussion, we decided that we have to make sure that we have top-notch security and 24/7 mods available before we make anything available to the public.

Thanks to your feedback, we don’t plan on just having the keys to the unofficial one handed over to us, immediately open it up, and run it all by ourselves anymore.

We are trying to truly listen, want to do this right, and appreciate all your feedback. :pray:


Like @adventurousape and @Waabam have already done, I wanted to close out this initial AIP Idea phase thanking everyone who read our proposal, provided suggestions, and asked questions.

Our goal is to provide as much value to our DAO as we can. We have listened to the feedback and are using it to improve our proposal. For anyone who has additional questions or feedback please reach out to me or anyone else on our team on Discourse or Twitter and we will be happy to answer your questions. There is also an “unofficial Discord” you can join to discuss your questions.


What a week.

Thank you to everyone here for taking time to consider our proposal and especially to those who have helped us with constructive feedback. We will use our time during the Drafting stage to refine our proposal and implement further suggestions from the community. Many of these suggestions came directly as a result of the conversation here. During this process please feel free to contact any of our team members directly with any follow up questions or feedback.

-Lost :gorilla::orange_heart:


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Hi @RedVulkan,

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Hi @Pearson. Yes, we are content with the feedback received.


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Thank you @RedVulkan for your ideas and the ApeCoin DAO community for the thoughtful discussions. A moderator will get in touch with the author to draft the AIP in the appropriate template. Once the AIP is drafted and meets all the DAO-approved guidelines, the proposal will be posted on Snapshot for live official voting at: Snapshot

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