Establishing Accountability Practices

I’ll personally be voting for candidates that campaign to implement reporting & processes from inside special council. I think there’s a lot of room for new members to build & grow an executive working group. I’m unaware of internal bylaws and practices that they have in place, but I do believe there are some.


I agree largely with this sentiment from @0xSword. I’m hoping to see more standardized reporting come from within the Special Council.

In terms of reporting requirements in general, I think only monthly or quarterly make sense. Anything less and it’s just micromanaging their every move which I don’t think is productive. :slight_smile:


I’d like whoever is elected to immediately propose their actionable agenda, whether that’s over the span of a week, month, or entire term, and what strides they aim to take to fulfill those goals. I’d leave it to the community to contribute what they’d like to see implemented and what they’d also expect of the SC members, but it’s clear that the tone needs to be set from the very beginning what the plan is, the actions to take, and the repercussions for failing to meet (or at least making clear serious strides toward) those actions are.

I have some ideas and a mini-agenda already in mind, but I hope other nominees are considering the things they’d like to get done in the event that they are selected. Setting the tone right off the bat is going to be important for establishing the transparency of the leadership culture moving forward.


Great initiative and idea @Moonlyght! I’d like to build upon the initial post and the other comments as I think they are very valuable.

I’ve worked in a range of projects as UX Designer, Product Owner, and similar positions. I think we have to professionalize the ApeCoin DAO and take best practices from such projects. Let’s have a look at some of the used methods.

Transparency Kanban Board

An overview of tasks with a status of To Do, In Progress, In Review, or Done. Tasks can be assigned to a person. They can be high level tasks, but should have a defined outcome. Anyone could check anytime who’s working on what.

Objective Key Results (OKRs)

Which objectives does the council want to achieve and how can we make it measurable? OKRs are not always the best way to measure success, but they help to think about goals in a more structured way. For each Objective and Key Result, the council can define initiatives on how to reach it.

Bi Weekly or Monthly Reviews

What has happened in the past two weeks? What did each council member work on? Update the Kanban Board before or during the reviews.

I would also like to make the suggestion to have a similar model for all approved AIPs. There are big amounts spent on a range of projects and I think it’s important to have transparency on what they are working on. The high level tasks could even be part of the Transparency Kanban Board mentioned above, so there’s one place to see all things being worked on right now, no matter if it’s special council or AIP progress.

Let me know what you think. Thanks again for bringing it up.


I love this, great addition to the initial idea.

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Glad to see some nominees are thinking this way!

Thanks for the feedback!

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Hey Escape thanks for reaching out. I would like to extend the discussion for another 7 days to gather some more feedback, appreciate it!

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Thank you for your quick response Escape :yellow_heart:

Agree daily is a bit much. Weekly would be fine maybe every 2 weeks. The only thing is I want reporting of accomplishments as a side affect of doing the work, but not having the reporting being the primary work being done.


Yes I believe Weekly or Bi-weekly might be the best way to approach it. Like Elon Musk does at Twitter haha

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Bi-Weekly would be great. Overall there just needs to be so much more accountability across the entire DAO. How are we ensuring that these members are fulfilling their duty. The price point is that of someone with great skill specific to technical and/or marketing chops. I think responsibilities and pay structure should be addressed before the new people are voted in. SO IMPERATIVE. Thank you for this.


Thanks for the comment phibacka. Yes these are sensitive topics and are most needed to discuss imo. How would you address responsibilities (accountability) and pay structure?

At the moment a board member is getting $20k a month…! That’s an exuberant amount of money to not to be at least accountable each week. Bi-weekly could work too I believe.


I agree completely. I posted as much via Twitter yesterday and got a lot of feedback. I think more specific responsibilities is imperative. Special council need projects to be doing constantly and deadlines to meet. I think notes of each special council meeting is needed and should be shared. That can be done by a secretary type position, which could also be a job tied to a special council position. I think if each member had a more set role it would help the entirety of the council.

I agree that the 20k per month is a LOT. In my opinion it is too much and the only reason it is that way is because of the “type of person” we got in the first special council. If they are only meeting for a few hours a week to look at proposals that is unacceptable. I believe the proposal process needs to be more streamlined and work on a much tighter schedule. I also believe that a lot of the comms issues that are trying to be solved should be the responsibility of the council. To be completely blunt, I feel as though they’ve done little to nothing in the 6 +months in the position. That cannot continue.

I would also like to see more accountability and check ins with every passed AIP. That can be a part of the council’s meetings where there is a monthly or bi-weekly update from each AIP. You spread them out so that there aren’t too many at any one meeting. I know there are a few that have been completely left unchecked and we are still waiting for their deliverables. That is also completely unacceptable. This should’ve been caught by said special council. Specifically the quarterly reports from Guy. Where are they?

If the special council is just going to be massive names that meet for 3 hours a week, the council is pointless and a waste of our time.


Much to think here, all great points that I strongly agree with, I would love to organise a meeting on Twitter or discord with some key people (Special council nominees too) so that we can all put together the best proposal that can help the DAO flourish. Thanks for the feedback.


Welcome to the forums @phibacka31.

Just a couple of points with regards to how the AIP process is set-up:

  • If you’d like to change the compensation for Special Council, feel free to write up an Idea and lead the proposal through the stages - this may take approximately 4-6 weeks, so perhaps begin asap if this is a priority
  • This was a vital portion of the ApeComms deliverables – something that we had identified many months ago but also realized should be incorporated into the larger Communications Infrastructure of the DAO, rather than piecemealed without a coordinated, long-term strategy
  • There is no reporting process currently in place and don’t believe it’s even part of the Special Council’s role. I had to create my own reporting (HERE), and obviously this thread is discussing who, what, where, when, why and how this will be implemented.

Glad to see you involved in the forums, perhaps you could collab with @Moonlyght to bring this accountability process and dashboard to fruition.

Cheers – SSP✌🏽


Thanks for the kind comment SSP!