Extending Nominations

Hello everyone,

:tada: Exciting News! We’re extending the nomination deadline! Whether you’re aspiring to be part of the Special Council or aiming to become a Working Group Steward, you now have an extra 5 days to step up! :ballot_box:

Life’s busy, and we get it! We want to ensure everyone who’s interested has a chance. So, mark your calendars: Nominations are now open until November 19th, 9PM EST. :calendar_spiral:

If you’ve been considering nominating yourself, or know someone perfect for the role, now is the time to act! :star2:

For all the details, including how to nominate, visit the forum: forum.apecoin.com

:link: Ready to nominate? Check out the forms here:

Special Council: Nomination Announcement – Ape Foundation Special Council Term Beginning January 2024

Working Groups: Working Group Steward Elections - ApeCoin DAO