Facilitator Note #10: AIP Process Refinements and AIP-295 Implementation

Hello ApeCoin DAO Community,

As part of our ongoing commitment to improving the Discourse and AIP experience, we’re pleased to announce the following updates:

1. AIP Draft Template Update

We have revamped the AIP Draft Template, including the Draft Resubmission Template. These updates optimize the AIP creation process by eliminating redundant sections, clarifying expectations for authors and making the content more easily digestible for our community members.

2. Refined AIP Idea Submission Process

When you start a new proposal, you will now encounter the Draft Template automatically as you create a new topic in the AIP Idea category. We strongly urge all AIP authors to make use of this Draft Template when crafting their AIP Ideas, even if certain sections are initially incomplete, it will help motivate the community to provide valuable feedback.

3. AIP Resubmission Discussion Period

We’re introducing an option for Resubmission Proposal authors to forgo the mandatory 7-day community discussion period, which is required for new proposals. This empowers authors who are enthusiastic about the ApeCoin DAO and whose AIPs were not accepted or needed further refinement to promptly revise their proposals and progress through the process again. We encourage AIP authors to consider resubmitting their ideas.

4. Live AIP Phase Comments Open

Topics in the Live AIP phase now have comments enabled. This will allow the community to engage with authors on Discourse while their AIP is up for vote on Snapshot and for authors to provide any additional insight.

5. AIP-295 Implementation

The goal of AIP-295 is to remove bots and reduce individuals trying to game potential future benefits. Starting today, voters are now required to have a minimum of one ApeCoin to cast a vote.


-ApeCoin DAO Community Discourse Facilitators