For old times’ sake, Melonade is bringing back a timeless, classic bored game

This December, Melonade brings you back to the Christmas of ‘07

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It’s Christmas of ‘07. The weather’s freezing cold but you’re warm in your cozy little bed. You wake up to snow falling outside. You hear the slightest noise of wrapping paper getting torn and run towards the shining and decorated Christmas tree as you stumble across the hallway while you rush to open your gift before your brother. You rip apart the wrapping paper to reveal the gift you’d wanted for MONTHS.

For old times’ sake, The Melonade Team is bringing back a timeless, classic masterpiece. Our proposal is simple: If you’re an $APE holder, you wouldn’t want to miss this free-to-claim (+shipping) nostalgia-in-a-box package. Having only 100 $Ape Coins makes you eligible to claim your luxurious gift. Don’t worry! We won’t let imposters claim your ticket to the good ol’ days using TokenProof’s token-gating technology. We present “The Bored Game”.

We firmly believe this never-before-done concept will generate more awareness about the NFT community and will most definitely be quite beneficial to particularly our beloved ApeCoin DAO community.

This illustration does not represent the final product. The final product may differ.


As a result of the digital world growing exponentially by the day, people have started isolating themselves. How many times have you noticed yourself not even taking time out for yourself? Let alone your family. We’re here to remind you to take a well-deserved break. Behold! As we bring the perfect opportunity to regain PRECIOUS family time.

We are bringing back the OG, family pass time activity with a modern twist of NFTs. It’s a fast paced, highly enticing multiplayer board game. Perfect for occasions when you want to spend quality time with your loved ones.

We believe our project will propel the $APE community in uncharted directions but we have firm faith in our community who will show unwavering support for our cause.


When everyone from your family is gathered in a circle, sipping on hot chocolate and ready to play The Bored Game, their eyes widen seeing the magnificent illustrations and top-notch quality.

Your aged uncles to your cute nieces, everyone uses ApeCoin to navigate along the board. It’s bound to create curiosity in their mind. They’ll research ApeCoin. They might like it. Before you know it, your niece will be applying to be a mod for BoredApes.

Not losing the precious memories our members create with their loved ones but rather engraving them in the forum here goes to show substantial potential in building a stronger and a more engaging community.

How to play:

It’s basically Monopoly, the board game with a twist of NFTs. You cruise on your yacht as you navigate through the stops while buying different bored apes, mutant apes, doggos or kodas. Stay clear of the freemint and allowlist tasks as they’ll test your ability to steer through hard waters. Collect an $ApeCoin airdrop as you complete one circle around the board!

This illustration does not represent the final product. The final product may differ.


  • 16” x 16" board with custom illustration.
  • 33 luxurious matte finished cards. (size: 3” x 5”)
  • Metal casted player tokens (size: 1” x 0.8”).
  • Custom illustrations on the shiny outer box.
  • Glow in the dark cloth containing info about free mint and allowlist task.

These are 3-D renders. Final product may differ.

Our Story:

From not being able to pay for college to working hardly 12 hours a day and still getting paid $100/month. From taking our passion of customizing sneakers as 19 year olds to trying our hands on web2 (spoiler: failed miserably). We’ve had our share of highs and lows throughout the journey.

We guess it was fate which brought us into web3 and the NFT community. We started connecting with people through our shared love for sneakers. Not long after, our sneakers were featured on the official Bored Apes’ twitter handle…

Our conscience has been crystal clear since the beginning. We strive to make our customers nothing but happy. A smile is all we desire. That’s been our motto since Day-1. Be it custom designing sneakers or producing a bored game (pun intended). We, as artists, feel fulfilled when we see our customers’ faces light up with a smile.

Our Socials:



Steps to Implement:

NFTs are spreading like wildfire and The Melonade Team is here to help fuel it. We have already made a game incorporating 18 communities and we will be sending them out to art basels this December. We have confidence in our games. They will generate more awareness about our community and will prove fruitful, ultimately to $APE community.

Upon logging on our Tokenproof Gated website, users will be asked to verify $APE tokens in their wallet. Having 100 $APE coins will make you eligible to claim the game. Enter shipping details and you’ll receive the game in a few weeks!

Only 1 game is eligible to be claimed per wallet.


  1. Manufacturers and printers (Locked in).
  2. Design and illustration (In-progress).
  3. Tokenproof technology for $Ape Authentication (Not started).
  4. Production and shipping (Not started).


Once our grant is approved by the DAO, The Melonade Team will be positioned to work on these steps at once. The Production for the game would be started instantly as the design will be started when we send our proposal to avoid delays.

  1. TokenProof- token gated website (2 weeks)
  2. Production (2 weeks)
  3. Claim lunch (2 - 2.5 weeks)
  4. Shipping (3 weeks)

Overall Cost:

This highlights cost structure for $ApeCoin Bored game which includes Website, design, board game and shipping:

Develop a token gated website that can be used for future claims.

Design, produce and ship 1000 Bored games.

Estimated cost of the project: $70,000

The mockup design for this game will surely get laughs. This is kinda cool. Okay, I have some feedback on your proposals formatting, and then a couple of questions about delivery & claim process.

  • AIP title should clearly indicate creating a bored game
  • Insert a small section w/ the team info / links (not all voters know Melonade)
  • Note: Rationale section is to explain why its beneficial to apecoin/web3 community

As for questions, I’m curious to learn more about the claim process. A user will connect their wallet through TokenProof gated website, claim their gift & insert their shipping details. What else can you tell us about that process? It sounds like you’re setup to deliver on these items quick, which is a good thing!


Thanks for pointing the discrepancies in our proposal. We’ve rectified everything you mentioned.

About the TokenProof gated website
when a user arrives at the website, they verify their wallet to show that they have 100 $Ape coins and then they’re asked to fill in their shipping details, if they’re eligible. Max allowed per user would be 1 Bored Game.

We are also looking to distribute these games as fairly as we can. There’s nothing finalised about this as of now.
We can try pre orders from countries where it’ll take more time to deliver first.

Apart from this, we’re in the middle of some conversations to produce the game faster and ship it soon.

The target is to get this game delivered before Christmas.

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Welcome to the forums @Vansh and thank for taking the time to write up a proposal for the community to consider.

Love the idea of Board Games and of course happy to support smart members offering smart ideas.

That said, after a little research into your company/project several questions have arised which I’m hopeful you can help clear up for the community:

  • Seems like you launched this idea under “The Big Sweep” back on August 27
  • Looks like you had a lot of great support within the BAYC community
  • You expanded it to many other NFT projects and IP – smart
  • Minting went live on Oct 8 - 420 spots at 0.1 eth each

1 - did you mint-out?
2 - did you deliver the physical board games to the OG NFT holders?
3 - how is this proposal for a Board Game different from your OG NFT?
4 - how will the OG NFT holders benefit from this proposal?
5 - is your domain still at or changed to something new?
6 - do you and the team have experience in getting physical board games manufactured and delivered?
7 - $70 for a custom Monopoly game is a pretty good price - what are your plans after this first order is fulfilled?

melonade xyz

Love the idea and designs just have a few hesitations, so appreciate your answers as soon as.



We appreciate your feedback. To answer your questions,

  1. No, we didn’t mint out, we were only able to sell 68 out of 420 copies we launched.

  2. We haven’t been able to deliver the physical copy of the game to the OG NFT holders yet because of some local reasons (we are based in India). We’re compensating for the delay by curating custom denim jackets for them (at no extra cost). That’s why it’s taking a bit longer than usual.

  3. This proposal differs from the previous project in unique ways. The Bored Game is based on ApeCoin now and not on Ethereum. Here, ApeCoin DAO members will be eligible to have their IP on the game. The earlier project was more about IP and how we could launch different projects using IP and it was catered for web2 audiences.

  4. The OG members get a free copy of this game. We’ll be producing around 1100 games. We’re more focused on growing the ApeCoin DAO community with this project.

  5. Our domain is still at We guess it was a technical issue when you tried to access it.

  6. Yes, we’re working with a seasoned veteran of the manufacturing field. They have more than 10 years of experience of producing board games and quickly delivering them worldwide

  7. After the first order is fulfilled, we’ll inaugurate a website to launch different Ape community themed products eligible for all $APE holders to buy from.

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Hi @Vansh,

Your topic will be automatically closing in less than 24 hours. Are you content with the feedback received, or do you wish to extend community discussion for a further 7 days?

If we do not hear from you within 48 hours after your topic closes, your topic will be moved straight to the AIP Draft process.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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hi ,

I would like to withdraw the proposal for the time being. I’ll apply once again in 15-20 days.

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