Forum Badges: Adding Progress Bars for Better User Experience

Exactly what I mean, despite on the fact I am here due to ThriveCoin’s initiatives.

ThankApe has its value. Getting people in is important. Having them understand why stay and the value they can gain by meaningful participation is key.

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This would be amazing, already knowing your progress on a badges acquisition would help community members know where exactly to shift their focus


I do check badges, although it’s only once in a while.


Great suggestion! Visible progress tracking would really improve the badge experience.


Badge tracker is quite important, at least I would get to know all the progress I’m making


I agree but some DAO members believe that keeping it hidden adds an element of excitement and thrill to the process of accomplishing them.


I think this idea is very much realistic, and it would benefit those that regularly visit the Forum, because knowing how far you have progressed in getting a badge will keep you informed of your how harder you have to work to achieve that goal…

Hello there buddy, seems like this is the first time you posted on the Forum, Welcome to our Discourse Forum, we do hope you have a nice time discussing with us :blush:

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