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Hi Sasha,

I’m one of the Stewards for WG0. Glad you got a chance to listen to the latest Spaces! Our proposal is actually up on Discourse rn, and we’re still looking for community feedback. We’d love if you and anyone else who may not have seen the latest version yet could take a look and share your thoughts!
Working Group Guidelines & The Governance Working Group Charter

While we were holding quite a few weekly Twitter Spaces and Discord Workshops in order to be as transparent as possible on how we thought through things and as another way to get input from the community, in hindsight, it was hard for people to keep up with.

During those spaces and workshops, we referred people to our AIP idea here on Discourse and a google doc that we had linked to it for everyone to provide their input along the way. Amplify has kept a changelog in the first comment, so the community can easily see what changes have been made after feedback.

Appreciate everyone’s feedback and perspectives here! Thanks for sharing!