Free graphic design service for ApeDAO members

I’m ReZone, young crypto-artist and more really graphic designer. I’m 20 years old and I’m starting my career as a freelancer after having spent 2 years traveling and training in the world of graphic design on many tools (photoshop, illustrator, procreate…).

Passionate about crypto, NFT and more generally Web3 I offer free graphic design services of any kind (business card, YT thumbnail, IG post, PFP customization…) for the communities I’m involved in. I’m not looking for any payback for this work except the use of the final render for my Behance gallery to show my work to my future clients.

Don’t hesitate if you want to contact me it’s on insta directly rezone.dgn, for any desire/need I will do my best to satisfy you. I wish you a good day/evening !


Welcome to the forums and congrats on bringing value immediately to the community.

Do you mind sharing your Behance gallery or any other link that shows your style, portfolio, etc?

Thanks – SSP


Loved the initiative, good to see that we still have good humans!!!


yes i have a behance and this is what i propose my services for free, to grow up my portfolio/gallery but i can show u my drawing style and my work in DM (for the moment i only make thumbnail for CryptoPunk #6995 and all the visuals for a french CBD brand but much more are coming soon)

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haha thanks a lot buddy


Hello ReZone! That’s an awesome service for you to offer to the community!

If you haven’t already maybe check out ThankAPE (@Thankape on twitter) to see what type of infographic content you can create for the community while getting paid in $APE, that’s what I personally have been looking into as an artist/graphic designer myself to keep busy and contribute in this space. :blush:


Hi @ReZone.dgn!

When you mentioned doing a thumbnail for Cryptopunk #6995 I was curious to see if I recognized the punk and notice that it is Quentin’s :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome to ApeCoinDAO! Would love to see more of your work!!



yes exactly is Quentin, im in his alpha group and more ! really great person. Thanks for the welcome


hello, yes i check ThankAPE twitter but i didnt see which type of infographic content i can make for the community, if u can tell me what i will be glad. :slight_smile:

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Hi mate,

Welcome to the greatest DAO community in the world!

Basically echoing what others have already said - Sounds amazing, real good to know you’re ‘about’ and respect for what you are offering.

Wish you the all the best (have noted down all of your details too).

LFG :handshake:


really thank you for this warm welcome appreciate! <3

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Impressed with the value added service you area providing and effort you are putting into to build your portfolio . I wish you all the best and great success :saluting_face:


Welcome and thank you for the intro @ReZone.dgn! Excited to see you dive into the community, would love to welcome you to join the ApeCoin WG0 Discord!

You need 1 unstaked ApeCoin to enter, and you’ll find channels such as #thank-ape, #comms, and Ape Creative Studio (shoutout @Evil) there to chat with other creatives & share your work :blush:


Aayee thank you for directing towards this thread @Halina.eth
Welcome @ReZone.dgn and feel free to join in WG0, if you dont have an apecoin let me know and I’ll send you 1 right away. Do DM me here whenever you get the chance.
#ApeCreativeStudio was created for this very same thing where creatives can come together and collab with people working on their project but dont have a design team or artist.
GM tho


This is awesome! Thanks for doing this for community.


i just joined it right now! really thank you for the invite and the welcome ! :slight_smile:

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No problem i do it with pleasure and passion

I just joined it haha! thanks for the proposition but i have one no problem :slight_smile: i will show my work in the appropriate channel and i really like to work/collab with ppl passionated

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