Frens Chocolates - Here for the art (MBA and BBAC Business)

Frens Chocolates, Revolutionizing Chocolate with Artistic Flair

Frens Chocolates is not just another name in the world of luxury chocolates; it’s a brand that seamlessly blends the art of chocolate-making with the creativity of renowned artists and NFTs. This innovative approach not only sets them apart from their competitors but also fosters a unique synergy between culinary and visual arts.

The Art of Collaboration

Frens stands out in the crowded marketplace by embracing collaborations with artists and NFT brands from around the globe. The company recognizes the value of intellectual property (IP) in enhancing their brand and product offerings. By incorporating distinctive artwork into their packaging and marketing materials, Frens Chocolates creates a visually appealing and memorable customer experience. This collaboration benefits both the brand and the artists, as it brings the artists’ work and NFTs to a broader audience while enhancing the brand’s aesthetic appeal.

A Commitment to IP

One of the most commendable aspects of Frens Chocolates business model is their commitment to fairly compensating the artists and NFT owners whose IP they use. The company offers a percentage of revenue to the artists and owners of the NFT IP, ensuring that they benefit financially from the success of the chocolates adorned with their IP. This practice not only promotes ethical business practices but also fosters a sustainable relationship between the brand and the IP centric community.

How It Works

Frens chocolates partners with artists and IP owners by obtaining licenses to use their IP. These licenses allow the brand to feature different IP on various product lines, including limited edition collections and seasonal offerings. In return, the artists and NFT owners receive a percentage of the revenue generated from the sales of these products.

The Impact

The impact of this collaboration extends beyond financial compensation. Artists and NFTs gain increased visibility and recognition as their IP reaches new audiences through Frens Chocolates. Customers, in turn, enjoy beautifully packaged chocolates that not only taste exquisite but also can feel great about giving back to the art community.

A Win-Win Scenario

The partnership between Frens Chocolates and artists and IP owners is a prime example of a win-win scenario. The brand enhances its products with unique and appealing artwork, setting itself apart in a competitive market. They benefit from additional income streams and broader exposure. Customers receive high-quality chocolates that are also visually stunning, making their purchases feel special and meaningful.


Frens Chocolates is redefining the luxury chocolate market by integrating art into their brand’s DNA. Their commitment to using intellectual property from artists and NFT owners and compensating them sets a new standard for ethical business practices in the industry. This innovative approach not only enriches the customer experience but also supports the IP centric community, creating a beautiful harmony between the worlds of IP and chocolate.

For more information about Frens Chocolates and their IP collaborations, visit their website at and explore their latest collections.


Can confirm @Seoh 's chocolate is amazing. My family is about 2 dozen bars in with no sign of slowing down.


Appreciate the love and support!


The idea of mingling chocolate and art with IP is super cool. Also, love the name Frens!


Seoh is one of the few in this space that has remained true to himself and kept it real. A builder’s builder.


Love everything about this brand and what Seoh is doing.

Do yourself a favour and check out this video if you haven’t already :heart: :apecoin: :apecoin:


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Just trying to be like you :saluting_face:

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Appreciate the love :heart:

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