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(Yuga Labs has raised $450M for the purpose of creating an NFT-based MMORPG and setting the foundation for an ‘interoperable world that is gamified and completely decentralized.’ This topic serves as a place to discuss all things Otherside and how it relates to the ApeCoin DAO)

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With their experience and love for the different mmorpgs already out there I totally agree with this.

Gets me stoked because I grew up with World of Warcraft and RuneScape myself.

This imo is HUGE


This has me even more excited for Otherside. EQ and SWG are both great and two of my favorite MMOs.

Very excited - Would love to see them work with Microsoft at this point to make the mounts in WoW NFTs


The WoW nostalgia def has me super hyped about the possibilities of this MMO


I would be so stoked to have my magic rooster be seen. :joy:

Reminds me of this tweet from the legend himself.

For real and now with the funding secured!

“Chef’s kiss”

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Hey I’ve got the same kinda feeling about it all. Warcraft is where im from and where my online persona really grew. Those chats and being a immersed in the game over the years changed and grew how I see things and behave.

MMOs are a great space for life to spring up. People get on there and especially on the roleplay servers live little lives with social agendas and things. It’s neat and I think we’ll see many online personas grow in an MMO!

Ive trained nearly 100 people doing ingame paragraph roleplay, it’s a niche that most players never cross but it’s very neat. I have a great passion for Azeroth and it’s really grown me into who i am, now 0xSword. :nerd_face:


My team from the Sikong Project would like to help out with building Otherside. Our team has led the UI/UX design of 1bn+ mega APPs, and would like to contribute to building Otherside in exploring the communication protocol and platform together with the ApeCoin team. We are also planning for launching a collective art movement in the form of a tribute to Web2 on a metaverse platform, where we find Otherside a perfect place for us. Would be happy to connect directly with the team @William

Our Twitter:
My email:

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