@Gerry - Nomination 1/2022

I’ve been grinding with Gerry for the last 72 hours on resolving the DAO’s governance crisis. The commitment to the DAO displayed by he and @BoredApeG is unmatched by the other leading Special Council candidates.

Vote wisely


@Gerry is the best :heart: :heart:

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I cannot figure out how to vote for you, Gerry. Signed up, connect wallet, have $APE, but don’t see where to place my vote.

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Congrats @Gerry on being in the top 5!!!


Thank you SpaceGrouper! The voting is done on Snapshot

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I will be asking all potential administrators same questions:
Please define and specify very technical:

  1. Your administrative and handling big paperwork experience

  2. Your typing test speed in english and other languages

  3. Languages spoken

  4. Countries lived at and embracing the culture

  5. Technical and data + devises security certifications

  6. How will you balance your work time with private while 40H being an admin here

  7. Do you have conflict of interests?

  8. Education

  9. What is digital congregation?

Thank you


Can us voyagers get some APE. I believe its only right due to the fact we can already build early, also since it’s the only currency on otherside