Governance Working Group Updates

gm everyone from the Governance Working Group!

Every Tuesday, we’ll be rolling out weekly updates to keep you in the loop about all the latest news, developments, and improvements within the DAO and the Governance Working Group (GWG)! Our goal is to provide you with transparent and consistent communication about what’s happening in our community.

What to Expect

  • :studio_microphone: Community Highlights
  • :gorilla: :coin: GWG Updates
  • :brick: AIP Implementation News
  • :calendar: DAO Community Calendar
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:studio_microphone: Community Highlights

  • AIP-104 Ed3DAO Events Micro-Grants Program funded by their ApeCoin grant open until September 24, 2023.

  • Congratulations to all the Thank APE prop house round winners. Winners, don’t forget to check the deadlines for your deliverables!

  • Congrats to @cliveapestein on the passing of AIP-294: Use of ApeCoin logo/branding for a ‘WLT SKN’ in the WLT mobile app by Satoshi’s Closet!

:gorilla: :coin: GWG Updates

  • Multilingual plugin is live on Discourse. Translate AIPs in your native language.

  • DAO Handbook updated to include the role of the Special Council.

  • Find meeting notes here: Working Group Meeting Summaries

  • April, June, July & August AIP Grant Reports provided by the Ape Foundation is now available.

  • Q2 Transparency Reports also posted on Discourse.

  • There is now an ApeCoin Twitter usage request form which is initially being provided Approved AIP Authors to streamline the process for requesting tweets, retweets, and other social media activities. Our aim is to eventually make it accessible to the broader community.

  • Last week, we noticed a bug in Snapshot and alerted the team immediately. This issue has been fixed and no AIP outcomes were, or would have been, affected by the bug. Full post-mortem from the Snapshot team.

  • Discourse forum user experience improvements:

  • New ‘Vote’ link in Discourse header for easy access to Snapshot voting on both desktop and mobile.
    • First Flag Badge removed due to confusion. Continue using flags for moderation; your anonymity is assured.
    • Akismet, our spam-blocking plugin, identifies no-content spam accounts. Accounts violating our community guidelines have been removed!

:brick: AIP Implementation News

:calendar: DAO Community Calendar

:newspaper: Newsletter

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Gm ApeCoin!

Here’s our weekly DAO update!

:microphone2: Community Highlights

  • Congrats to @Moonlyght on passing AIP-305: Establishing Special Council’s Accountability Practices!
  • Congrats to the Governance Working Group on passing AIP-317: ApeCoin DAO Governance and Operations Budget!
  • The ThankApe Merchants Contest has now concluded! Thank you to everyone who submitted their proposals, and congrats to all the winners!
  • 5 AIPs live on Snapshot closing tomorrow at 9 PM EST! Don’t forget to vote: Snapshot

:construction_site: GWG Updates

  • The Governance Working Groups budget has passed!! Thank you to everyone who came out to vote! Work has now begun on all of our OKRs!
  • Facilitator Note #10 is now live on the forum: Facilitator Notes #10: AIP Process Refinements and AIP-295 Implementation
  • The AIP Draft template has been updated, and now auto populates when you create a new AIP Idea topic.
  • AIP Resubmissions no longer have to go through the 7-day discussion period required for new proposals, encouraging AIP authors to resubmit their ideas.
  • Comments are now enabled for AIPs while they are live on Snapshot.
  • AIP-295 has been implemented, it is now required to have a minimum of 1 APE to vote on Snapshot.

:brick: AIP Implementation News

  • 85 AIPs in process
  • 33 AIPs pending Implementation updates

:date: DAO Community Calendar

Keep tabs on events going on in our community - Tag @redvulkan to have your event featured!

:newspaper: Newsletter

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