Governance Working Group Updates

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Here’s our weekly DAO update!

:microphone2: Community Highlights

  • Congrats to @Moonlyght on passing AIP-305: Establishing Special Council’s Accountability Practices!
  • Congrats to the Governance Working Group on passing AIP-317: ApeCoin DAO Governance and Operations Budget!
  • The ThankApe Merchants Contest has now concluded! Thank you to everyone who submitted their proposals, and congrats to all the winners!
  • 5 AIPs live on Snapshot closing tomorrow at 9 PM EST! Don’t forget to vote: Snapshot

:construction_site: GWG Updates

  • The Governance Working Groups budget has passed!! Thank you to everyone who came out to vote! Work has now begun on all of our OKRs!
  • Facilitator Note #10 is now live on the forum: Facilitator Notes #10: AIP Process Refinements and AIP-295 Implementation
  • The AIP Draft template has been updated, and now auto populates when you create a new AIP Idea topic.
  • AIP Resubmissions no longer have to go through the 7-day discussion period required for new proposals, encouraging AIP authors to resubmit their ideas.
  • Comments are now enabled for AIPs while they are live on Snapshot.
  • AIP-295 has been implemented, it is now required to have a minimum of 1 APE to vote on Snapshot.

:brick: AIP Implementation News

  • 85 AIPs in process
  • 33 AIPs pending Implementation updates

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