Grand Theft Auto dev Take-Two's first crypto game launching on Ethereum

This is huge! That Take Two (my first game publisher) is on-board with this means that other publishers are likely to dip their toes in at some point - if they don’t already have a Web3 game in dev. Ubisoft was the first mainstream publisher to dabble in Web3.

Grand Theft Auto dev Take-Two’s first crypto game launching on Ethereum


Ubisoft is one of the giants if not the biggest… :grinning:

I only have one quesiton though: Wen GTA 6? :smiley:


Ohhh i have a good vibes for Sugar Town.
Anyways i still wait for GTA6. :heart::v:t2:

lol! I don’t believe that’s going to happen anytime soon because Straus still isn’t sold on NFTs. Plus, they still make boatloads of money on the game anyway, so I don’t see the incentive for them to create negative noise.

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