Grateful Ape Universe: Grateful Show & Grateful Ape Chocolate

Grateful Ape was found in the Balinese Jungle in May 2021. There is little information about what he has done before, but a few diaries have to be explored. He is very adventurous, never quits, and always tries to get better every day. As a captain, he lives by the motto: A ship in the harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for. After many dangerous adventures, he realized that nothing is granted, and being grateful is the only way.

He fell in love with Web3, one of his biggest passions. He has always wondered how to help people in this Space, bring them together, keep a positive spirit, and onboard new people into this Space.

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Grateful Show

GS started as a community Twitter Space but quickly became a show focused on IP, Empowering Artists, Builders, Creators, and Communities, and bringing good vibes into the Space. The first episode took place on February 24th, 2022, and we have never missed a single week since then.

We use the platform to help spotlight Made By Apes Businesses and network with people from all over the world.

We help people grow, get better, have fun, and find new like-minded friends.

The show is Hosted By Grateful Ape, Beast, Tino, and Honorary Metazig.

Our mission is to grow together, connect people, get better, have fun, and push Web3 space forward. We utilize Twitter Space as a platform, and you can listen to recordings on your favorite podcast platforms like Spotify and Apple Podcast. For the future, we can’t wait to host from the Otherside.

Grateful Show in Numbers:

Grateful Ape Chocolate

GA Chocolate is a delicious treat that brings you joy and gratitude with every bite. I always thought about the product most people love, which creates a positive feeling—Chocolate 100%.

Chocolate + BAYC IP = :purple_heart:

The chocolate is top-notch quality, ethically sourced, organic, and crafted from premium cocoa beans.

We sell chocolate at the biggest online retailer in the Czech Republic - Rohlik. cz.
We have 2 flavors: 72% Dark Chocolate and Coffee Infused Chocolate by Infi Torem.


Our mission is to bring high-quality chocolate with BAYC IP to the general public. Initially, people had no idea this was Web3 IP, but we will slowly share more information and hopefully onboard them.

Collabs and Events

We partnered with Chimpers and created custom chocolate utilizing BAYC and Chimpers IP for their Contest. People loved that, and we got great feedback.

Grateful Ape Chocolate was at ApeFest 2023 Bodega in Hong Kong, Bored Taproom in Calgary, NFC Lisbon, and many others.

We were mentioned in Esquire magazine, at many local conferences, and on the radio.


Grateful Ape Brand won’t stop here. We have already been working on more products for daily use for everyone (not only in Web3), more mediums to share Grateful Ape Journey and BAYC IP, and new distribution channels so we can be available in the whole EU in the first phase.