GWG: Ask a Steward Thread

Great way to set this off… Here you go:

So as far as workflow goes, we didn’t have a lot of rigid systems in place before bringing BojangleGuy on, but one of his primary tasks thus far has been to create a series of SOPs that we are developing.

Currently, he’s head down on redrafting our onboarding documents in anticipation of the new GWG Steward(s) which will also be accompanied by the SOPs.

As far as accountability goes, this is absolutely an area that will be changing as I am currently researching front-facing options that the community will have easy access to — similar and/or including what @DIM just created on Trello. Keeping this in mind, it is absolutely paramount to me when creating our quarterly and budget transparency reports that I provide as much information on GWG activities that I possibly can. And on a personal note, release reports like this: GWG Election Expectations & Steward Log: March 25th - April 8th 2024

As far as Special Council’s involvement with the GWG, it’s important to remember that the APE Foundation is distinct from Working Groups; however, given that our Facilitator team handles a variety of steps in the AIP process, they are in close coordination with both SC and the DAOs Cayman administration.

Hope that helps!