@Halina.eth - Special Council Nomination 01/2024

Thank you for the great questions @foxSlightly !

Making ApeCoin DAO the first choice for talented builders. Currently our reputation is held back by length of time to approve a proposal, time to funding, and low acceptance rate of AIPs. These metrics can all be improved or worked around- empowering microgrants & alternate funding methods through initiatives such as AIP-124 and AIP-209, working with legal counsel to ensure a less adversarial contract negotiation process for authors of approved AIPs, and highlighting education and support to authors on common pitfalls + less intuitive parts of the process (for example: Delegate Ambassador Program, AIP-354), are a few of the changes that come to mind for supporting builders.

I’ve always been a top achiever, whether at academics, leadership roles, or learning on the fly in high stress, high stakes environments. But my most treasured skill is my ability to build relationships and cultivate the talent that lies within each of us.

Building trust & community is my strongest asset. Even in this forum, I’ve been humbled to see the many expressions of mutual respect & trust our DAO members have built with me over time.

My experiences listening to builders’ concerns, encouraging hundreds of community members’ projects and contributions to the DAO, and designing opportunities for builders use their talents for the betterment of ApeCoin through my role by your side on the Thank Ape Board (our Nouns Prop House numbers include 8 rounds, 300+ proposals, and 80+ projects selected to implement) have demonstrated my ability to distill connections and relationships into tangible change for our DAO.

I’m excited to continue supporting builders and cultivating a growth-oriented environment, both internally and externally.

No. I am willing and able to devote my full time and attention to solely advancing the interests of our DAO, and have done so since September 2022.

Currently, the trust in ApeCoin DAO is fragmented. Our DAO’s very birth coincided with a community schism over staking. In too many conversations, assumptions of good faith are lacking. Even recently, the GWG stewards made the decision to sunset the Ape Assembly initiative due to debates lacking good faith, and the ensuing lack of participation.

The narrative in the DAO for a long time has been “us vs. them”- big vs. small voters, authors vs. against votes, those with pure $ape vs. those with Yuga assets.

With the question of ApeChain(s) on the horizon, this is especially the time to shift our narrative. We all wants what’s best for the DAO, informed by our diverse experiences and perspectives. Productive discussions hinge on the foundation of mutual respect and an openness to new information.

With the biggest decision of the DAO in 1.5 years on the horizon, it’s time to unite over our common goal and get to work.

I don’t believe targeting large wallets will lead to a desired solution. Aside from the question of passing these governance changes in the DAO, methods like quadratic voting or caps on voting power are too vulnerable to sybil attacks and workarounds as long as KYC is not introduced.

Large votes are often composed of delegations, and thus an opportunity to include holders in the voting process who otherwise wouldn’t have the time to vote. Overall, instead of directing our energies against those who act on their faith in the ApeCoin ecosystem, we should work to encourage more participation, a plurality of delegations, and more consistent community wide dialogue on key issues.

Yes. Just as I have since September last year, and I will additionally continue to serve in my role on the Thank Ape Board regardless of the results of this election.


Thank you again for asking Fox! Appreciate you & the insights you bring to our DAO.

-Halina.eth :blue_heart:

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