Have general recommendations for the candidates? Post here!

(This is a thread for posting recommendations to candidates. Feel free to post your hopes and what you’d like to see. Please be friendly with no mud-slinging. It’s a positive thing!)


I’d like to start by welcoming new candidates! We’ve heard from ~20 on recent Twitter Spaces, each have had about 10 minutes to talk about their vision, basic background info, etc etc.

One of the main topics i’ve heard is how important it is to have a diverse team on the Special Council. Having people who have “star power,” while also having other council members who are interested in things like community building, new integrations, updated processes & more.


Why exactly does “star power” matter in this stage of the DAO? Who are we trying to impress at this point?

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During our spaces, “star power” was in reference to candidates with existing connections in the world of finance, business, media, art, culture, etc. I don’t think the idea is to impress anyone, it’s just to have a diverse board of community experts, as well as business, marketing or other such professionals. :slight_smile:


Yeah! @Amplify summed up my view well. Currently we’ve got like Yat Siu of big Animoca & Alexis of Reddit. We have those credentials for the Special Council covered. I’m trying to think of a “dream team,” but I haven’t done a deep dive into every application yet. There’s a lot to consider!


My question is, what good is that “star power” if none of it flows back to the DAO in some form or fashion? The huge drop that Reddit just did, did the DAO have a part of that or was it included in any way just because Alexis of Reddit is on the Special Council? I don’t get it.

If “star power” doesn’t lead to actual $APE use or even positive media for the DAO, it can’t be considered a viable campaign for a candidate. The DAO needs to seek relationships with orgs that actually bring value back to it, and seek candidates with relationships THERE. Colleges. Small business associations. Local media stations in crypto-friendly jurisdictions. Municipal governments. NGOs that have partnerships with all of the above. This makes sense and will actually help the DAO in multiple ways.

“Star power” may bring attention and leave you warm tingles in your tingly places, but $APE proliferates among smaller communities first and is validated at the LOCAL level.


I had also touched on this subject at the last ApeComms space so re-iterating here: The Special Council is a team we are assembling and I do believe there’s room for “star power”, but we need to be balanced. We led off with a full star powered Special Council, and 2 of those members are staying in Yat and Alexis.

My question is, what good is that “star power” if none of it flows back to the DAO in some form or fashion?

It’s good for us to remember that the current SC members and their respective companies were all key in playing a role of the Yuga Labs ecosystem growth, which then led to the subsequent ApeCoin DAO launch. I believe our primary issue is that we do not have the appropriate people and processes in place throughout the DAO to take advantage of the potential opportunities these individuals (and others) around our DAO can bring. We are underutilizing the connections our DAO has, but hopefully we can fix that in the next cycle by creating sorely needed operational infrastructure.

As for nominations, if we are going to add more individuals purely for ‘star power’, we as a community need to be cognizant that the upcoming new SC composition clearly cannot mirror the current SC. It has been acknowledged by the current SC that it is missing individual(s) who can operationalize the DAO; this is evident in our perceived lack of overall progress. Certainly, we can’t have all individuals in the SC pre-occupied with running their other respective billion dollar businesses at this early stage of ApeCoin DAO, particularly when we only have (5) SC members with no other working groups/committees/other councils established. Balance is key.

Access to ‘star power’ individuals does give us an advantage to potentially solve our adoption problems at scale, therefore, we should be looking to fully maximize these connections.

Specifically for myself, optimizing the entire board’s capabilities for ApeCoin DAO is precisely the role I am looking to fill on the Special Council. Since SC is presently small with only (5) members, there needs to be an individual who is capable of operationalizing the DAO quickly, and that can only be done by someone who has already been fully immersed in the DAO and has the proven motivation and professional abilities to get the job done. Doing so will optimize the capabilities brought by our star power council members (and their businesses and other key stakeholders in our ecosystem) and our community/domain experts we expect to also come onto the council.


Something I would like to hear from the candidates is what specifically they plan to do to engage those that are not selected as Special Council Members.

In addition, I would be curious what type of commitment they would be willing to make to contribute if they themselves do not win. That way whoever does win would have a great foundation to start engagement from.


Maybe the ability to bring more awareness and opportunities for other well-respected ecosystems to use APEcoin.


Here is my plan: If I win or not, I am willing to volunteer to take the ApeCoin DAO to the next level with commitment and confidence.

Create strategic approaches and operational methods for the ApeCoin DAO.

if I could, I would like to keep as many as Special Council applicants as possible, and create some groups of executives who make up their leadership teams, 44 candidates could make up 6-8 executive teams. These teams are then take the responsibilities for creating strategic approaches and operational methodologies for the ApeCoin DAO.

These Executive teams;

  • Develop & execute short-term and long-term approved AIP objectives
  • Make financial decisions with the Cartan Group LLC leadership team as well as managing the ApeCoin budgets
  • Collaborate with Cartan Group staff to ensure to execute ApeCoin DAO’s goals
  • Manage and motivate ApeCoin leadership teams to deliver results.

The ability to do this does not rely primarily in the connection, but the will. The current special council has connections to huge ecosystems, and has done nothing to accomplish the goal you have put forth.

This goal is much better accomplished at the local level with ecosystems that have need of a new system. We should be looking at ambitious cities instead of a contentious federal government, underfunded colleges instead of completely self-sufficient companies with their own rewards systems/internal financial systems, partnering with established indie gaming companies instead of trying to score some huge integration with a AAA publisher who has no need of $APE. The aggregate effect of partnering with smaller, local entities far outpaces the effect of partnering with a big entity and spreads the coin across a wider landscape.

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