Heard the call for help.

I just heard that help is urgently needed. After looking around for 30 mins, I have struggled to find a place to contact anyone to find out where, specifically, I can help. I am going to keep familiarizing myself with the AIPs and current issues. Can anyone point me to somewhere that I can contribute immediately?


Welcome to the forum @Emoney2zips. A good place to start is reading through the AIPs currently posted here on Discourse to familiarize yourself with ideas and issues currently being worked on.

There are also potential major changes coming to the DAO over the next few months.

  • 3 new Special Council members were just elected last night (@BoredApeG, @Gerry and @veratheape) and begin their duties on January 1st.
  • AIP-196 is proposing to create a more decentralized admin structure via Working Groups

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me here on Discourse or on Twitter.


Hi @Emoney2zips

There is an AIP being worked on that puts together many of the ideas around decentralization into a working Prop House. As governance is created in the DAO, there should be structure to put it into action immediately. Could definitely use your suggestions on this document.

Within the Transition we’re going through is a huge issue about who will supervise the Cayman board (now represented by the Special Council, including the 3 new members @BoredApeG @veratheape and @Gerry that were just elected). Any knowledge you can share of Cayman law or Foundation structure that could help to decentralize the DAO more, especially knowledge or experience around the Supervisor role, would be greatly appreciated.


Already started commenting on this. I have a bunch of thoughts on this. I would love to hop on a call or dm to get some clarity on a couple of things

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Yeah just DM me here, I’d love to discuss

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I’ll echo what Mantis and Vulkan have already said, welcome.

Further to your comment about communications and the note I added to Mantis’ Google Doc, let me point you to our own communication AIPs - AIP-142 and AIP-175.

A little back-story:
ApeComms is an informal working group that grew organically via a bunch of active contributors looking to solve the issue of the communications vacuum. While our original AIP was supported by almost 90% of the community (unique wallets), it was voted down in the last 48 hours by larger token holders (the challenge with all DAOs).

I think reading both AIPs and their respective comments may help you get a sense of the community beyond speed-reading all 196 AIPs :laughing:.

Feel free to DM me or anyone on the ApeComms team – we’d be happy to help you get up to speed or at the very least, give you our own POVs.

(Obviously you can reach out to any active community member in the DAO to get their own POV too).

SSP :v:t4:


I will read these then reach out.


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