Help Earning Badges Here

One more Badge added to the collection! :clinking_glasses:

Gives Back Badge

Anyone else receive anything lately? :thinking:


I remember you saying after the election I won’t have time for chasing badges. So I will live vicariously via you on this one :wink:

How you doing on these?

I am testing one more function (and badge in here), the wiki

I made this post a Wiki. In theory anyone who is Level 3 should be able to edit it now.

Yup one shiny new Badge.

See how it is now orange.

Anyone with regular can create and edit wiki pages.


Hahaha did I? Don’t remember. lol

Honestly, I haven’t done much. Been super busy with my irl projects, but will have to check which I’m still missing and can cross off.

Time needs to hurry up so I can get my Level 3 already. Not sure how many days I need. Wish there was a counter on here. All other requirements have been met for a while now! Just need to keep logging in everyday now. lol

Congrats! :partying_face:


Got a fancy new badge. Thank you for all the likes.


Ayeee LFG! Congrats bro! :partying_face:


congratulations. badge very nice


Do any of you have suggestions on how we can improve the badge system. E.g. there is a badge for visiting 365 days a year, this one is almost impossible to get and one can argue what is the real benefit of it? We have one for 100 days in a row, but maybe 200 or 300 days a year makes more sense? It shows commitment enough, 365 days a year you really only get because you want to game it, no real extra value to the community.

Also the Devotee Badge has this issue:

Personally, I have missed days because of this factor, even though logging in everyday, which as a user is very frustrating.

We also ned to see what is technically possible in terms of badges. Such as via SQL queries. With SQL we also need to determine if any risks or performance issues related to it.

I am thinking of what could be “meaningful” badges. Some nice badges, might be for things like submitting an AIP? Passing an AIP and becoming an AIP Author? Maybe creating a Poll with X number of responses? We need to see what can be automated or done say ever quarter via a CSV file upload (maybe for Authors of AIPs).

Have a look at the discourse forums and see what others have done. We want to get your feedback on this.


Сongratulations! :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:


Takes some doing but essential to keep the DAO in order. Congrats


Only thing I would like and I don’t know if it can be done or not would be some kind of “Day Counter” that track how many days out the last 100 you have logged in. (For Trust Level 3 Badge)

And a “Day Counter” for how many days in a row you have visited.

I would like to see more active members here and earning badges.

Maybe small rewards for each badge. 6.9 $APE or something like that to incentivise people…
(Hopefully no one tries to bot this and we can put something in pace to try to prevent it)

Just thinking out loud and typing… :wink:


Also, sad we will never get the “New User of the Month” Badge @bigbull:cry:


There’s a time machine here in the back, we can give it a kick and see if she’s still got any gas left in her… at least enough to get up to 88mph

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Hey @DGT,

It truly is a sad day but chin up, there are plenty more Discourse Badges for you to explore. Check out this list for a few: What are Badges? - admins - Discourse Meta


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Give that thing a a few kicks for me and @bigbull, think we are the only ones publicly trying to collect all these badges like Pokémon :wink:


Thanks! Have a few, but NEED them all! lol


@Cuban this is a good place to start.


Ok, it’s time to farm badges :grinning:


GM! Great thread, fam!


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Do you think these should be awarded with ThankApe?
Only 33 have got this.
So far no one has got this one.

We need more invites codes sent out, like this.


Do you guys want to join this?

And tip off the illusive Beta Tester Badge!