Hire An Experienced Social Media Professional

You continue to make personal attacks and unfounded claims - the same reason that your very first post in my thread was flagged and removed. That’s on you. I didn’t start that.

This AIP idea is for a specific reason and guidance, and to point to a very specific problem because there’s no other recourse. Everything that you have posted in this thread thus far, is attacking me, completely off-topic, and has nothing to do with the AIP. And I’m the problem?

You guys creating a mob just to needlessly attack and attempt to bully me aren’t going to win. All you’re doing is proving my points for me.

While you guys can just pluck things out of thin air and throw things around to see what sticks, I don’t do that. I deal with facts and reality. My post activity says it all. You have no defense against that, but to attack and try to bully me into silence. It’s just not going to work.

I already withdrew from Ape Assembly and Metaverse Working Group consideration for various reasons. Next, I will just leave and go write about my experiences elsewhere.

Stuff like this is why this ApeCoin DAO isn’t growing. The data doesn’t lie. You’re slowly destroying it.