How many holders of APE?

It has come to my attention there is much false narrative both inside the ApeCoin community (in the unofficial Discord) and written online in articles.

In both cases the amount of holders of APE is stated incorrectly or without the caveat that their information to make such statements is incomplete.

They often base on very basic viewing of etherscan holder list without understanding who, where and how APE is held.

This is very important as it leads to false narratives with regard to the Governance of the ApeCoin DAO and the level of centralisation of the supply.

It would be good for people to further explore and share in here related to these themes?

How much Supply is sitting on CEX? Central Exchanges?
Of that supply how much is in custody accounts versus gaining interest via rehypothecation. Although CEX are not voting and certainly won’t with custody assets in theory they could with APE that they have given for a ROI in a rehypothecation usage.

E.g. Binance, KuCoin, Huobi, Kraken etc

Uniswap etc
Again no voting governance use here

and others.
Issue not all can be accounted for yet in Snapshot.
Also often falsly reported at 1 wallet and hence governance centralisation, but now Apestake governance works on snapshot. Others imho should be added.
Again they are not the largest holder as a contract wallet and not a wallet with Governance control.

Held by the ApeCoin DAO Treasury
How much is for AIPs vs other uses?

Please discuss and add Facts of actual distribution. Please don’t add your feelings or quotes from misinformed articles.


Hey @bigbull,

Absolutely, the misinformation about the number of $APE holders needs to be addressed. The inaccuracies arise from incomplete data and a lack of understanding about how APE is held.

When I’ve created the data about $APE holders by NFT community, I’ve notice it as well.

This misinformation negatively impacts the perception of ApeCoin DAO’s governance and supply distribution. One of my future goals is to address this problem by create official Dune Dashboard that will combine holders data as well AIP process. I think we can learn from this discussion by delve into details like the APE supply on CEX, its distribution within custody accounts versus rehypothecation, and holdings on DEX. Btw, if I’m remembering currently, we can easily fetching that kind of data.

Additionally, @MIKER helps to fetch data from staking contract, that absolutely must have data.

-Mr. Hype :fire:


Methinks Mocaverse has 1.8m $APE – not 65k

Seems like source data may be incomplete :thinking:


Hey @ssp1111,

On the time I’ve fetch the data, we wanted to check $APE filtered by NFT holding. When we fetch the data about mocaverse, the wallet that held $1.5m, on that time, wasn’t own any NFT.

in the comments, you can read more deeply about what been fetch and how.

-Mr. Hype :fire:

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I’m wondering if his data reflects Apecoin held by individual Mocaholders or what? Animoca holds the 1.8 million, but then they are completely missing from the list if the 65k relates to some other data.

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I’d be interested in working on some analytics and in-depth research to help surface this information. As @MisterHype mentioned, we’ve already started some work on this but a fully comprehensive report and/or analytics dashboard would require a bit of digging and research.

Overall I think this would be great to have for the transparency of the DAO. Maybe it makes sense to create a proposal and form a small group to collaborate on this effort.

Happy to spearhead this if it makes sense.


Hey @ApeForLife,

You can check on comments, also this concern addressed.

-Mr. Hype :fire:


I’ve start to work on something, I’ll be happy to share with you once finished first draft and collaborate it together.

-Mr. Hype :fire:


Great to see this thread moving forward. Not sure if we should collaborate with a platform like deepdao.

FYI the Deepdao data isn’t great right now.

Do you know of any other platforms which track APE data?

Maybe the code and dashboard could be expanded here:


FYI. Shows that the Paraspace contract actually contains 3,777 wallets. Hence is not one person and centralised.

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@Vulkan tracks a lot of data and is always helpful when I ask him about stats.

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Still trying to understand how ParaSpace works, but isn’t that the number of individual wallets that are staking through them? And if ParaSpace can control those tokens, wouldn’t that make it centralized?

I think that being the case it would make it centralized yes, but I could be wrong…

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