I Believe /THIS/ Is The Best Use Case And Utility For ApeCoin. ❕

This coin will enable developers of game and web developers to reward their users with tokens that can be traded for $APE. This is public knowledge and the true utility of the coin!

We are stewards of this coin. Meaning we will need to onboard developers who will use the coin. This extend beyond games. Creative developers and more (think Twitter or Facebook) can surely find ways to reward their users with tokens that can be traded for $APE.

We are stewards of the most powerful coin capable of doing this. We are the first to market with a powerful community behind it.

It’s fun to talk about merchandise and things but the true utility and value of this token is that it will be used to facilitate payments. People are not buying ApeCoin to join a club! There are already great clubs out there.

This is a decentralized organization and sets an example for how future companies operate. Please focus on these conversations and remember this is not a club token.


I also believe that by talking about this NOW we can setup the DAO to facilitate this and avoid organizational waste of spending and time. The utility of the coin is the value.

What is this coin going to do?
Facilitate payments. Online earnings from games and websites can be traded for $APE.

That’s what we are doing here! Exciting right?


A major competitor has entered the field.
The sh*tcoin SHIB has metaverse ambitions.

Do not underestimate this!

An army of 10k plus twitter users (called ShibArmy) are mobilizing to make their way into this.

All of these coins can justify their utility with gaming. I promise you this coming. Focus on what is important.


Start early but don’t Rush…

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