I released a telegram bot focused on apecoin

Hi, In order to help me in the task of keeping updated about apecoin events and news, I created a little telegram bot. It is being very useful to me so I decided to release it and hopefully it can help other people too.

I want to make it clear that the bot is basically a notification bot (for active proposals, thankape, apecoin price, news…) and thats all. It won’t ask ever for signing or asking any sensitive information. I know that there are tons of scammers out there and you don’t need to trust me because there is nothing to trust. The only thing related to a wallet is to know the balance, but this is public information and you can put whatever address you want. It basically automates some “daily” actions.

You can run it by yourself or use the one I’m hosting. Here are the details GitHub - maxpowel/apecast: A telegram bot for apes

I’m also posting this here because if I can implement any functionality that could help you, I would be glad to hear it.

But as I said, I would not work on anything that potentially allows some kind of scam or hack. I just want 0% risk and this is the only way.



Your initiative of wanting to help the community is very nice, I am happy that there are still people like that, together we are stronger and we are going forward, LEST GO!


This is really cool!

Interesting to see if this can be expanded as an AIP.


Thank you for your feedback! I invested a lot of time and effort on it, so thanks, and I will keep improving the bot.

I’m still learning about the ape ecosystem so I will add more features as soon I learn more things. I now that there is still a lot of work to do but at least it is functional and, at least for me, useful.

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Very good, would it work on whatsapp too or just telegram?


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