IDEA 💡: Launch a generative collection that flows back into the DAO

What’s up ape fam!!

I posted this idea in discord but wanted to create a thread here as well after listening to the community town hall today on twitter spaces.

I was curious to see if anyone had an idea to launch a derivative collection that could be minted in $APE and then have a percentage of the royalties flow back into the DAO. I was thinking a BAYC derivative collection would make the most sense and I think it could be amazing to highlight “official” BAYC derivatives, as in projects that are created by BAYC holders. It could also be a good source of income for the DAO and there’s room for a lot of cool mechanics to be discovered IMO. Right now there are a lot of derivative collections out there, but very few of them actually own Bored Apes so I think it could be helpful for us to differentiate those as a community.

I’d love to partner with anyone who is interested in exploring the idea more. My girlfriend Meirav Haber and I have been minting hand drawn derivatives for over a year now through Bored Ape Not Club. We’ve been building the traits for a generative so it could be a unique time to partner with people since it’s just the two of us on the team :slightly_smiling_face: Just putting the thought out there, we’d love to collab with some apes who are into our work. Including some early generative samples here to help give an idea of our work.

One of the good things about this idea is it would not require much funds at all to get this launched since Meirav and I are handling most of the work and wouldn’t be taking a fee. The only up front costs I could see coming up would be for a developer and maybe an animator to put together an animation for the launch.

Would love to hear any thoughts or talk to any apes who are interested in exploring ideas!

Also wanted to include a link to our bios to give more information about Meirav and I - BORED APE NOT CLUB

Thanks fam! :v:t4:

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My gut reaction is that the bored apes will not benefit much from ape-approved collabs, which in my limited experience have a strong tendency to go straight to zero on the open market. It feels like we might be dilluting the brand moving in this direction, mostly just creating exit liquidity for those who make the approved list. No disrespect to the author who I think is making some fire derivative art here, but I lean a soft NO on this. As always, I’m open to having my mind changed by more experienced NFT’ers.

Separately, I’m a little concerned that the collab approval process might prove contentious, and I’m generally not sure just how fragile this DAO is so I’d like to avoid such things whenever it’s not clearly a YES. Apologies that this line of logic is a bit FUD’ey though.

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@JavierLovato.eth I’m excited to talk with you on Monday. It seems clear to me that you have a real talent. If I may humbly suggest, instead of creating a derivative project, focus on a new character set that can be complimentary. I would also look into any standards that are starting to emerge for interoperability between the new metaverse platforms that will be coming online in the not too distant future.

In terms of the ApeCoin DAO participation, I would consider designing a minting contract to spread the revenue between the artists and a claiming contract that ApeCoin holders can claim from (this would align the project with the broader ApeCoin DAO). I would also encourage you to limit the initial mint sale to ApeCoin only and see if you can ask a market place to limit all secondary sales to ApeCoin. This would help the ApeCoin community become the official value engine to all future NFT ecosystems, which could be a huge win for everyone.

Lastly, I think I noted that you are a producer, could be cool to incorporate that body of work into this project somehow.

These are just simple thoughts that hopefully help spark some move collaboration on this topic. I will do a bit of research over the weekend in preparation for our conversation on Monday.


Thanks for the constructive criticism @bc and @GuruOfTroyHill. This is absolutely why I wanted to get some feedback from the community.

I totally hear you both about the derivative market maybe being a little too saturated right now, Meirav and I would obviously love to run with a new IP, we just happened to find a niche community with our ape derivatives so we’ve been running with it. 100% planning to adapt post Otherside release.

I love the idea of both minting in ApeCoin and creating an ApeCoin-only marketplace. Also agree that a claim for ApeCoin holders would be amazing. It’s exciting because there’s a lot room to work in mechanics that would be beneficial to everyone in the DAO!

Good idea re: incorporating my producing background. I think some areas that could be useful is building budgets or bringing a team together to produce actual content, happy to collab in that way somehow as well!

Also just want to encourage anyone reading this to connect with me if you’re interested in talking ideas together :fist:t4:

Thanks again for the feedback, looking forward to connecting on Monday!


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