Idea on how to speed things up

we need voice meetings along side those posts/topics, writing about the DAO alone is not gonna be affective like voice discussion.

when we hold official voice meetings promoted by the apecoin page it self and limit the access to holders for sure, in zoom for example (you can share you technical thoughts around how to execute this if you have one)

will be more productive and we end the call with actions to take at the end of them

sharing opinions is great, but we need the energy!

who is with me on that, share your thoughts please


Typically and historically speaking the only way to speed up bureaucracy is to consolidate power in the hands of the few. We need not worry about how long the process takes and worry more about the process being done correctly.


I agree with that, also valuing time is important along side doing things correctly
we already said no to make sure it’s done right, now what?


Couldn’t agree more.

Live discussions can and should happen for the good of the overall community discourse.

But decisions should happen in writing. That ensures:

  1. Detail is preserved
  2. As many people as possible may participate

Live discussions can also heavily skew towards loud, articulate, or extroverted voices. The goal should be for the DAO to be as inclusive as possible when it comes to proposals.


This is a DAO’s Board job. They have to guide the communitty in this first steps. $APE also has no discord nor telegram (at least i cant see them) and that makes the communication a lot harder.


I’m glad that there is a twitter space being held at the moment, I hope this topic helped with that regardless of the conclusion we come out with :purple_heart:


I definitely find it of value to hold live discussions in tandem with the written discussions here. I just don’t think it is as effective, that being said it does help bring in the people that haven’t been participating here.


I understand your point, the last part specially the part where some people don’t find their way here
just by mentioning that, I have friend with 400k ape coin who said he didn’t know about the discussion page and now he has chance to hear and speak if he wanted to

I appreciate you coming by
much love


Thanks for bringing this perspective to the table. Couldn’t agree more!


Agree with your points.

There’s a parallel to this theme in big corporate / traditional large companies trying to develop “startup culture” to remain competitive in light of tech startups. Traditional companies adopt a highly hierarchical structure, rigid decision-making, whereas startups function in pods or squads, empowering self-organizing teams.

I see DAO similarity to startup in the sense of being a self-organizing community and one challenge lying in filtering the value out of the noise. Perhaps it’s about the community engaging with the topics - be it wherever groups are formed - and eventually elevating to an actual AIP, at least that’s what I’ve experienced in other DAOs quite effectively.


Totally agree and I would add the problem of scheduling in decentralized world with the time difference between countries.


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