Implementation of Forum ideas & help disabled people to be a part of this forum

Couple of things come to mind to make this portal better for everyone:

  • ability by users to select colour patterns
  • ability by users to customise background colour and text appearance
  • take in consideration visual disabilities and possible adjustments towards them
  • implement the voice reader by human or AI voice without needing to use device functions & sign language in several languages videos translating
  • include translate button into the portal
  • limit ow effort responses
  • avoid endorsing any proposals as a DAO official worker

I appreciate that you’re thinking about these sorts of things. Got a couple of questions for you.

  • How do you define “low effort responses,” and what is the idea behind limiting them? And who would be in charge of making this call?
  • When you say “avoid endorsing any proposals as a DAO official worker,” exactly which “DAO official workers” are you referring to?


  1. Responses with one or couple words, some responses that are not on topic of the main post.
  2. Workers - any endorsement by anyone payed by DAO or rewarded with tokens monthly.

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