Implementation Update | AIP-256: ApeCoin DAO Mission Statement

AIP Name: AIP-256: ApeCoin DAO Mission Statement

Implementation Status: Complete

Implementation Date: 2023-09-27T07:00:00Z

Author: @badteeth

Abstract Summary: A good mission statement should clearly define the purpose and goals of an organization, providing a sense of direction and helping to unify the members of the organization around a common set of objectives.

This AIP will engage our community to complete the months of work the DAO spent workshopping a mission statement in WG0 and on Twitter Spaces. We will finalize a mission statement that will serve as a northstar for the DAO.

Overall Cost: 1 ApeCoin

In Reference To: Returned for Reconstruction AIP-191: ApeCoin DAO Mission Statement Workshop

Timeline Updates: This proposal was finally Implemented on 2023-09-27T07:00:00Z. Pursuant to the Author’s Steps to Implement section, the Author facilitated discussion across various community channels in order to source and socialize qualifying Mission Statements for the ApeCoin DAO to consider during a final round of voting. Following those weeks of coordinated discussion, the Ape Foundation facilitated a final round of voting to determine the DAO’s decision to select a Mission Statement, which can be found here.
During the final round of voting, the community considered 9 unique Mission Statement options, which were submitted from within the ApeCoin DAO community, and ultimately voted to Approve Option 9: “None of the Above”.

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