Implementation Update | AIP-292: Inclusive Governance: Delegate Community Program

AIP Name: AIP-292: Inclusive Governance: Delegate Community Program

Implementation Status: Pending

Author: @NFD

Abstract Summary: This proposal seeks approval to establish a process and framework to build out a “Delegate Community Program" for the purpose of fostering inclusivity, further decentralization of cultural governance, and encouraging collaboration with ApeCoin from diverse web3 communities.

A ‘Delegate Community’ in essence acts as a sub-DAO and utilizes voting rights delegated to it by the ApeCoin DAO. Per any other delegate voting entity, the $ape tokens remain in the custody of the owner - in this case the ApeCoin DAO

‘Delegate Communities’ will establish Snapshot Organisations which will deploy ERC-721 strategies, enabling their respective communities to vote on proposals using their own NFTs. In turn, the result of their internal vote will dictate the direction of their delegated ApeCoin vote. This mirrors the Mocaveerse model.

To incentivise participation, ‘Delegate Communities’ will receive a share of TBD $ape grant on a TBD frequency for participating in a TBD percentage of AIPs.

Much like recent Working Group AIPs, this proposal is not requesting approval for the final program implementation. Rather, this proposal is introducing voters to the concept of delegating power to and incentivising communities across web3 to engage with ApeCoin and its governance.

For the avoidance of doubt, there is NO COST FOR THIS INITIAL PROPOSAL.

If successfully passed, however, there will be a follow-up proposal to outline and agree the process for:

  • Implementation
    • Period Covered: Fixed, Rolling etc
  • Vote Delegation
    • How many votes to ring fence and delegate
  • Delegate Community Selection
    • How many
    • Qualifying Criteria
  • Rewards/Incentives
    • Amount of $ape for the rewards
    • Frequency of rewards
    • Qualification/KPIs
  • Administrative Oversight
    • People - who is managing this stream
    • How are they incentivised
    • How is success (theirs and the proposal) measured
    • Detailed overview of the deployable process including systems, transparency and community engagement

I intend to work with the Ape Assembly to propose the above items and any other considerations that will be needed to implement the final process.

Overall Cost: 0 $APE

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