Implementation Update | AIP-305: Establishing Special Council's Accountability Practices

AIP Name: AIP-305: Establishing Special Council’s Accountability Practices

Implementation Status: Complete

Implementation Date: 2023-10-10T07:00:00Z

Author: @Moonlyght

Abstract Summary: This AIP proposes to add a transparent process to the position of Special Council members from AIP-1 in the form of Weekly reports. Including all current, forthcoming and future terms detailed in AIP-137 and AIP-138 .

Overall Cost: 0 ApeCoin

Related AIPs: AIP-1: Proposing the DAO - Process, AIP-7: Restructuring the Forum Categories - Informational & AIP-282: Information Request - Role of Special Council

Timeline Updates: This proposal was finally Implemented on 2023-10-10T07:00:00Z, with the Ape Foundation beginning to deliver weekly reports from the ApeCoin Special Council under the specially created Transparency Hub.

Interview Q&A:


Hey @Chris.Admin,

Thanks for having this updated. Could you double check with the Ape Foundation on why the last 2 weeks have not been reported? (From April 8th to 14th & April 15th to 21st).

Appreciate it!


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Hi @Moonlyght,

We can expect the April 8-14th report some time today. The Foundation typically posts the most recently completed week’s report on the following Friday, so we can expect the 15-21st this coming Friday.

Thanks for following up. Hope you’ve been well!



oh ok! that makes sense, appreciate it Chris! Yes all great over here <3

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