Implementation Update | AIP-314: Beyond the NFT: NFT Lab Magazine's Plan for Empowering ApeCoin's Global Community

AIP Name: AIP-314: Beyond the NFT: NFT Lab Magazine’s Plan for Empowering ApeCoin’s Global Community

Implementation Status: Pending

Author: @JasonJape

Abstract Summary: NFT Lab Magazine is a well-established physical publication that has distributed over 20,000 magazines through 4 issues spread across 1,000 locations, reaching over 35,000 readers. This proposal aims at promoting Apecoin and Yuga ecosystem news and projects to the existing audience base and beyond. Our strategy includes generating content that spotlights community projects, ApeCoin DAO news, Yuga projects and approved AIPs, thus enriching the ApeCoin ecosystem and drive mass adoptions, potentially increase the $Apecoin and Yuga collections value.

Overall Cost: $92,000 USD, denominated in ApeCoin

Timeline Updates:

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