Implementation Update | AIP-376: Working Group Charter - Web3 Development

AIP Name: AIP-376: Working Group Charter - Web3 Development

Implementation Status: Pending

Author: @0xWebMoss

Abstract Summary: The goal of this proposal is to establish the ApeCoin DAO Development Working Group.

The ApeCoin DAO Development Working Group’s mandate is to:
“Build income generating projects for the ApeCoin DAO, ApeCoin Initiatives like ThankApe, Boring Security DAO, MBA licensed projects and the ApeCoin community. ApeChain will be a strong focus point once we reach that point.”

Working Groups enable a sustainable community-led infrastructure that further decentralizes the DAO, creates operational efficiency, and is flexible enough to adapt to any opportunities that may arise.

Overall Cost: $0

This AIP serves as an initial framework to establish this Working Group. The three elected Stewards would propose a budget 1-3 weeks after being onboarded.

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