Informational Proposal: Ape Assembly (Alternative Plan) - Fostering Growth and Empowerment in ApeCoin Communities through Inclusion and Self-Governance

Thank you for your context. As the moderator who approved your post I am aware of your rights to present ideas in whatever format you wish so long as it is not illegal, I merely asked you to change the name because they are as unrelated to each other as can possibly be.

Speaking now as the community member who spent the last 5-6 months writing and gathering consensus in the community on the Working Group Guidelines and subsequent Ape Assembly within, I have been looking for your requested changes and can’t seem to find any… Would you mind sharing your feedback directly in the comments or on the google doc or in Discord? You can also reach me in DMs, or the comments section in this post is appropriate too. I am also confused what you mean when you say “unannounced changes to the voting system?” This is not present anywhere in the AIP.

Again speaking as the lead author of the Working Group Guidelines AIP, respectfully I disagree wholeheartedly that this is “an alternative" in any such form. The substance of our ideas are wholly unrelated in every aspect except name.

While the Ape Assembly represented in the Governance Working Group Charter is a indeed an assembly of governance participants, what you’ve presented here is 15k $APE or ~$60,000 per community, per month donations.

I’m sorry, I fail to see how “give away $APE” is in any way related to an assembly of governance participants who attempt to address some of the biggest problems in our DAO, but I appreciate you bringing your ideas forward.

I would also like to reassure you that your right as a token holder to present ideas to this DAO will never be impeded or censored in any way so long as they are not illegal. I would also once more reiterate (for you I think the 7th or 8th time) there are no changes to AIP-1 or “the existing governance system” in the Working Group proposal, thank you.


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