Infrastructure for Regional Ape event Coordination


Event scheduling for Regional Ape communities

Ask → 0 $ APE - 1500 $APE (TBD)

This will be entirely free for the participating communities, no hidden fees. Will cover all the costs associated with the software side of things for a year or more.

Status → Live


Coordinate events lead by community members within the sub communities within the ApeCoin DAO (French apes, Canadian apes, Chinese apes, Goofy Apes, Bri’ish Apes , Trait specific apes etc)

This way we can empower fractured collectives and help them not only coordinate events within their communities but also across different sub communities as well (ex : French x Canadian Apes). This further helps bring the community together and strengthens the existing bonds.

This AIP is an extension of this calendar which tracks spaces events within the DAO → Tracking Events within the ApeVerse with A.C.T. (ApeCoin Tracker)

Note : The backend for this (Phase 1) is already operational. Will open it up to the communities in the pilot stage (Mention me down here for access)

  • Phase 1 keeps all the different community events in a unified calendar

  • Phase 2 will take about a week or two to become fully operational. This’ll happen about 2-3 weeks before it goes to vote on snapshot.

Process of event submission :

  1. Community members can create events which get synced with all other

Form to submit community led events : Event Form

  1. The event get’s added to the database automagically

  1. Sync’s the calendar with the db and reflects changes made within 5 minutes.

  2. ???

  3. Profit

Advantages :

  • Will act as a database for other projects to fetch events from for their custom implementations.

  • Leverages the native functionality of the OS you’re using (iOS, android, microsoft) by tying natively into calendar apps for notifications (Exploring additional functionality)

  • Includes link to the DB entry where we can include things such as Key Takeaways, Agenda and whatever our heart desires ()

Workflow for that thingy →

I click on the link and it takes me to this page where I can see and interact will all kinds of info and links and even listen to the archived space audio


Very well done my dude!
Excited to see what will be the final product

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Interesting, the easy accessibility part is also good, (iOS, android, microsoft)…
excelent ! :+1:

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Great job as uzh working on tools, dude!

I have just a minor suggestion if I may - perhaps change “Hey there fellow ape” to “Hey there fellow $ape lover” or something of that nature :melting_face:

Will events added through this event form be reflected on my phone when I previously subscribed to that calendar you sent me?

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Thanks friend, doing as much as I can :saluting_face:

I mean, if you’re willing to spend actual money to buy fake internet money then idk what to tell ya, you’re an ape :person_shrugging: (/s)

Nope, you’ll have to add another calendar cause not everyone would like to get updates about all the events. Unless they would in which case I’ll add it in the existing one.

My brother, this is the final product (lmao, jk)

Thanks evil, All i gotta figure out is Step 4 and 5

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That’s what I’m all about my man

eh it’s more “bozo” in my case than “ape” :clown_face:

how are you thinking of regionality? e.g. do French people care about meetups in Canada and Canadian - about meetups in India?

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I mean, fair enough :man_shrugging:

That’s on an individual basis, that’s why Phase 2 would have separate calendars for regional events. One could either follow the unified list or specific event calendars which they’re interested in.

What I do know for sure is that french apes care about French events (spaces, meetups, hangouts etc) and they care about colabs such as French x Canadian apes

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Hello, CEO! I’m excited by your continuous flow of new ideas. This event planning concept is brilliant, making it much simpler to organize and find events than digging through chats. It would be great if the system could also adjust event times based on my timezone - this would really make it perfect!


This is a great suggestion, I’ll be delighted if it turns out

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Thanks for your kind words zoopie, Simple yet elegant solutions is what I’m all about (apart from all the complex stuff but we don’t talk about that, or as superman says “We don’t talk about pink kryptonite”)

So whoever Imports these calendars would get the timings adjusted according to their own time
zone and you can set it up to notify you before the event takes place. How cool is that ?

All it would cost would be the subscription amount we’d have to pay airtable + maintaining that platform.

If you’re a part of a regional grouping of apes, let them know and I’ll give them access to this :saluting_face:

You can even access the entire event calendar from within your native calendar app on your device.

All we need now for that to happen is to get people on board, especially regional/ trait specific ape communities

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Hi @CEOofWeb3.0 ,

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I think I’m content. Move it over coach :saluting_face:

I think I’m content. Move it over coach :saluting_face:

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