Introducing the ApeCoin Creators Assembly


Introducing the ApeCoin Creators Assembly, a home for all creators from the APE ecosystem: Developers, Builders, Content Creators, you name it!

Announced during a special keynote at BananaConf a few weeks ago, let’s have a look at the perks:

  • Workshops: Monthly online workshop with industry leaders from the Web3 space. Learn from the best!
  • Networking: Networking: IRL gathering during major events to bring together the creators! The first gathering is coming this Summer. Keep your eyes open!
  • Promotion: Amplifying the work of the creators through online campaigns, partnerships and platforms but also featuring them during IRL events in a dedicated ACA booth.
  • Grants: Allowing creators to apply for small grants through a simplified process without going through an AIP.

Powered by ApeCoin, the ACA is an initiative of the Metaverse Working Group. Interested? It’s free to join of course and you can already pre-register through the form available at:


Saw this on X. Absolutely love this concept and framework.

We need as many people building on ApeChain and/or with ApeCoin as possible.


Been looking forward to this! To creativity and beyond :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Resisting the urge to drop all the gifs.

**Search Tenor [cheering, applause, LFG] :heart: :heart:



Good stuff, nice to see how this fits in later with the web3 development WG as well as seems plenty of overlap there.