Is there a list of all DAO expenditures?

Is there a list of all DAO expenditures, including transaction IDs and the reasons for fund transfers?


The transparency reports should start up again in the next week or two.


I’ve created a spreadsheet cataloguing/linking all AIPs by date, author, approved expenditures, etc., but it remains totally unofficial and doesn’t include tx ids or fund transfers. It’ll give you a general ballpark, however, until the official transparency report is released. Send me a message and I’d be happy to share it.


Check my posting history over the past few weeks: I’ve asked many times.

There’s no oversight or audits.

Further, “audit” is not mentioned one single time on - the official site for the Foundation / DAO.

“Oversight” is mentioned once but not in relation to anything financial.

There isn’t even a Mission or agreement what the purpose of the DAO is, but we’re appointing highly-paid Working Groups - again without any oversight, audit, or accountability in any real or meaningful sense.

We’re copying all the IRL systems that lead to abuse, waste and corruption, but ignoring all of the methods that legit, successful companies use to avoid same. All in an industry renown for rugs, rife with rip-offs, with regulators openly on the warpath and known to be looking specifically at this.

We could be leaders. We could take a bit of time to do it credibly, thereby attracting respect from those outside (and inside) web3/crypto looking in. Instead we have massive red flags flapping stridently in the wind and core changes passing with far less than 50% of the vote, but party-on!