Johnny - Web3 Development WG Nomination 07/2024

Personal Information

Discourse ID: @johnny

Nomination Statement:

This position is very suitable for me.
I have the strong experience in Web 2 and Web3.
I collected many APE holder’s opinions and I think I can work for it.
As we know, we have the F1 and Apechain. It’s the best time to build our brand and develop APE.

Motivation, Vision & Goals:

I would love to let the Apecoin Dao community 's idea come true.
I need to expand Apecoin Dao’s revenue channels.

Values & Commitment:

Spread the APE Culture & Build the Apecoin holder’s economy System
I will help the international Brand Collaboration with APE. Moreover, we need to take care the APE holders from different communities, like BAYC, Otherside and Mocaverse. I will build the APE holder’s system. Ape holder’s can develop their business and help each others.

Build the brand
We have the strong collab with F1 in Web2 and We have Apechain. We need to use this chance to build the strong brand during Web2 and Web 3.

Build the APE Holders group
We hear many useful idea from the Dao members. We need to do the Official group for them. Moreover, we need to list the suggestions and give the ApecoinDao Officer directly.

Concluding Statement:

I have International Brand Collaboration”s experience.
I have always been dedicated to promoting APE culture.I have collaborated with brands and artists like Supreme, Jbalvin, and have reached millions of fans. I am committed to exporting APE culture in the Web2 & Web3 era.

I am the business consultants which provide more than 20 well-known companies.
I have enough experience that I can build the brand and help Apecoin develop some income systems.

I am the community’s Leader.
I am Chinese Ape Club and BAKC Group founder. I would build the APE Holders group and let the useful idea come true.


There are two areas I have questions:

1. Bridge Building?
How to bridge the different global communities.? The Chinese speaking community is a very large, growing and vibrant part within the ApeCoin DAO. There are misunderstandings of how the community operates from those who are not part of it and don’t speak Chinese. How can we address this to create a cohesive global community?

2. Web2 Brand Building

What are you thinking in this area?

Tell us more about tech certifications that you have and tell us about any last project you accomplished to complete

What was the last project you developed in WEB3 and WEB2 and which you liked more and why, if any.