Journalist in Brazil

Hello Ape holders!

I´m a journalist in Brazil. I write for the biggest journal called Metropoles, and we have 40 millions readers per day. A friend called Caio Vicentino told me to send a message here to ask you guys how can i publish the BYC projects in my journal.

This is my Column: Caroline Kalil | Metrópoles (

Looking forward to it!
Caroline Kalil.


Hey @Carolkal26 ,

Welcome to the ApeCoin DAO (forum) ! There is a “Press” section on the apecoin website, but for now there isn’t really anyone there to give context around what’s going on in the DAO on a day to day or even month to month basis.

I am a member of ApeComms, which is a small group of high context contributors who are active around the ApeCoin DAO on a day to day basis. Any of us would be happy to help you, you can reach out to me directly here, or to our team through our Twitter handle @ ApeComms.

I’d also like to welcome you to join the DAO in the Working Group Zero Discord, we are currently in a transitional period and actively working toward creating the channels for members of the DAO to contribute in meaningful ways (like writing about recent events for example!).
Working Group Zero Discord Invite (REDACTED)

Thanks for reaching out to us here ,


Hi Lost,

Thank you for answering me.
I already sent a message in Twitter and would like to know how I can contribute for the BAYC publish in Brazil.
Caio Vicentino also told me that the community sponsors the journalists that writes about the collection, I would like to know how it works.

Looking forward.

Caroline Kalil.

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