Leaving Candidate Profiles Open for Discussion

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Yes, it makes sense to keep them open. At least until the voting is done. I do go back and add information to my profile for example.


Although I do agree that keeping them open would be nice, this was the framework approved via AIP-137. Deviating from what was previously approved by the DAO would not be appropriate.


I see. So, we’re about to hit the 14 day mark. Just curious :face_with_monocle: , how did 14 days become appropriate and what is the harm of keeping the profiles open? Because another community member has spun up a non official discord server where people could come and chat with nominees live if they wanted.


It was seemingly arbitrarily set but the whole community had the opportunity to provide feedback and amend it during the AIP Ideas phase. Any changes should have happened then.


After the 14 day mark, are you going to delete the profile entirely or people won’t be able to interact with the profiles anymore?

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I recognize and appreciate the need to adhere to structure, but I also believe that common-sense needs to prevail when possible and prudent.

What good does it do for the DAO to close nominee communications at the point?

Is there any mechanism in place to maintain the election discussions on Discourse instead of scattering them to multiple unofficial platforms?

Appreciate all you do @BoredApeG!


I’m not sure exactly what happens. I think they end up being closed, but I would expect they are still available to view? Just no further comments allowed


If they completely close and are not available to view, I think that would be a miss because you guys did a lot of work to get those profiles up. However, if they don’t completely close and are still viewable then thats cool :sunglasses:


Thanks @badteeth !

Growing pains :confused: Yeah, I don’t think it’s ideal either but the DAO is learning as it grows. We’ll definitely need to propose adjustments to the next election. For now, I know we have the ApeComms team looking to facilitate more spaces over the next couple of weeks.


Hi @river please check all candidate profiles are closed. This does not appear to be the case. Thanks

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Very interesting suggestion.
Maybe then we get some interesting conversations and be able to engage more.


Hey @BoredApeG,

Thank you for the shout out. ApeComms does have several stages planned for this week, and @Amplify has been scheduling Nominees for the different stages. We have a whole new playlist of questions too, some technical and some conceptual. We may even add another one or two more informal stages to the schedule, but this is what we have planned:

Spaces Schedule 12/12/2022

Mon - AIP Roundup (noon-1pm)
Special Council Nominees Meeting - (3-4pm PST)

Tues - Special Council Nominees Meeting (7-8am)
Special Council Nominees Meeting (7-8pm PST)

Wed - Special Council Nominees Meeting (10-11am PST)

Friday- ApeCoin Community Hour (noon-1pm PST)

I also heard the Ladies of BAYC are planning a stage for this week, @adventurousape and the rest of the ladies should have details for us soon.

Edit: Our admins, The Cartan Group and Special Council, have some discretion to impact certain procedural changes. For instance, they approved an extension to the application timeline. It seems likely that they can re-open the profiles for a few days, I would be curious to see if anyone is opposed to that. My opinion is that it seems reasonable that the Nominee profiles close when community voting closes, or just one day before if that would help ensure that there is no confusion between the Candidate profiles and the Nominee profiles.

Thanks again,


Yes not all Nominee profiles are closed. Some are still able to reply/comment…

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Thanks for the mention! I’m trying to coordinate a space for the Ladies of the BAYC to highlight the female nominees that are running. We’re looking to do it Wed, but don’t have a time nailed down yet. Trying to find a time that works best for most, but tricky because everyone is spread across multiple time zones from the West Coast to Europe :sweat_smile:

I’ll update everyone when we have a time!


I’m not a fan of last-minute, knee-jerk reactions to processes that provide a stable underpinning to operations. It’s a bad precedent to change a process for elections based on “common sense,” because someone else might not view that as common sense.

I think changing a process without due process sets a bad precedent that moves away from decentralization and codeislaw ethics. If candidates want to start their own threads, they can do so. Let them show some initiative instead of creating a new precedent that a random group can change whatever just because it seems good in that moment.

Knee jerk reactions is the Fed raising interest rates at the exact moment liquidity is flowing out of a market, causing a recession. Knee jerk reactions is governments passing some overly restrictive legislation because some interest group lobbied for sweeping changes in response to a unique incident. Knee jerk reactions in monetary policy and government are what made DAOs necessary. Let’s not imitate that behavior.

Keep the threads closed. Let’s see what candidates do to EARN some votes.

Next time, pass an AIP to leave candidate threads open.


The 2nd time I read it since it didn’t explicitly state that profiles would be closed, I thought it was debatable. It is written that “profiles will be open for comments for 14 days”. After rereading AIP-137 for the 3rd time, I agree that leaving the profiles open would be in conflict and that they should be closed.

I created a temporary Discord for all of us to continue the conversation and invite all to join.


Agree on structure, was just hoping to keep a DAO-focused communication channel open during part of the most important time in the process. Earning votes will now move outside to Twitter where the algorithm will control most of what we see.

Noted for the next time we’re in election mode!


An d we need to communicate on social media about this channel being open now.

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