Limit the amount of proposals one ape can push

I want to discuss the amount of proposals one ape or one DAO can post. Main reason: one ape can be own bu tens of people or more or entire DAOS owning many apes. When group of people 24/7 posting and curating things - after I read those proposals it’s feels them being extremely linked to centralized way of life and trying to sway others to give up their decentralized commodity or even privacy or even put them in security danger by inviting them to centralized applications that sells the users data and anyone n purchase it. I feel a part of proposals very close minded and outdated for the general decentralization society freedom and cause.
Some proposals in mass are TOO CURATED and contain hidden greedy feel to it.
So I want to ask every personal 1:1 ape to tell me how many proposals you want to see from 1 ape and how often. I bet there will be apes dropping long CURATED massages owned by centralized corporations and huge groups of people that are everywhere non stop no sleep and many of us know who. I want it to be fear to all people who trying to make it and be independent from control or sway of the opinion by …again… non from heart curated messages with hidden plan.


This seems like a discussion worth having…

Seeing a project through to completion seems important for more than one reason. Everyone is eager to see builders start building, but we should consider what it looks like if we create a situation where thoughtful creators are being edged out by spitballing. The existing mechanics of the DAO prevent conflicting suggested proposals from going live within a 3 month period from a previously approved proposal going live. Clearly there are individuals, and corporations with and without resources, who are excited to leverage the value of the BAYC brand through APE token. Building useful products and services will bring value to the ecosystem. Hopefully we can find a balance here where grassroots creators, small businesses, and the larger corporations can work in an open space to create value together.

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I certaintly dont want to put limitations on innovation. I read all the same proposals that you do, and have plenty of critique and feedback for each of them. We’ll see more coordination in the future for AIPs where companies and groups of Apes team up to push AIP forwards. Its not a bad thing really!

There are some limits on resubmissions for failed AIPs that will help this. There will likely be times where a group is able to successfully push through multiple AIPs, and they may fail or “rug” some of these.

I feel the best thing we can do is to stay active on the forums. If we see an AIP we disagree with, we should say something. Collectively, we can discourage bad AIPs before they ever get to voting stages.

I do not want to see limits for proposals or small holders being required to find sponsors.

We could use the Trust Level system that is built into discourse. Users who want to make proposals could be required to reach level 2, visitng a certain number of days, reading topics etc etc.

Again, I dont want to see limits on the number of proposals made or requirements such as “x amount of ApeCoin,” or “must be an 1:1 Ape Holder to make proposals.” That topic scares me greatly!


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