List of Ape Businesses , side projects and use of IP

I’ve been in BAYC from May 1st 2021 and in the beginning there was an ape directory created with contact infor twitter handle etc. Since that time the community has exponentially grown to an unfathomable scale and I imagine 100’s of businesses, licenses , other utilization of side projects have been created.

I would like to have a community based spreadsheet so that the resources of the community can be used to support other community members and #apesupportape

is there a database of any such thing in existence or a way we can pull together to bring us together as a community , cross pollinate and even simply be introduced to the members beyond twitter and support projects in flegling stages to have contact aor resources to help us build IP in BAYV MAYC OTHERSIDE and Beyond?

Open to suggestions and hope to meet some new apes in the process.


There’s already a couple of projecst that do this, being the one I remember now. There are two others that are pretty much exactly what you are looking for and I’ve actually used them, but can’t remember them now. Anybody got eyes here?

Also @Forj keeps a list. He’d be good to ask.


appreciate it. I just heard about Forj on twitter today. amazing how its been almost 2 years and still finding new fam. appreciate it. if you think of it. please share the others.


Hey @SandmanNY,

One of the two sites I believe @Mantis is referring to is (by CoinChrist) . We do also have, which was funded by the DAO through AIP-91 (@holocronape).

There’s another one which is more specific to regional apes, (by @FUDmaster)

Happy to answer whatever I can,


Hi Mantis and @SandmanNY

Thanks Mantis for the acknowledgment!

Here is the Yuga Lab Ecosystem Map that Forj updated monthly since August 2022.

We are very excited to see the number of projects joining the Ape ecosystem grow from 70+ in Aug 2022 to 240+ in Feb 2023! To accelerate the growth of ApeCoin and BAYC ecosystem, Forj is also proposing the Ape Accelerator (Ape Launchpad) AIP-209: Ape Accelerator by ApeCoin, incubating and facilitating projects that contribute to, and utilize, ApeCoin and BAYC IP.

Looking forward to see more projects joining the Yuga Lab IP ecosystem!

Forj Team


Please add this onto your list, as they facilitate the acceptance of apecoin among others, for thousands of organisations etc. You could add it under misc section for example, but, I think it deserves recognition. Basically, with 2or3 clicks, one can give to worthy charitable causes around the world, using just metamask and their apecoins. I think people are unaware it’s so simple, and any kind of exposure of the giving block’s work would help, plus it’s just a good thing to do imho. TY

Donate Crypto to Nonprofits - Donate Bitcoin to Charity - The Giving Block


You big ol showoff :joy:


is the giving block founder an ape??


I’d like to say yes, but I’ve no idea :sweat_smile:. I had a good look at the list and noticed it is probably better described as a “YUGA progression directory” or similar, as some listed possibly are not strictly falling under the current title. But, if it doesn’t fall within the specifications to qualify that’s fine.


Hi @furiousanger

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is there a simple spreadsheet of the data collected Harry?

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not at the moment! they are all the at bottom of the thread, our team will make it possible when we can secure funding! There is a lot of effort put in for gathering :saluting_face: