Looking for Ape IP to use for proposal mockups & live projects

Proposal authors sometimes look for Bored Ape and Mutant IP to use in their projects. If you have an Ape that you’d like to offer for use, message me or post the image below, along with contact information(email or…) for requesting use of an apes IP for both AIP proposals & approved ape projects.

  • Negotiate simple terms for commercial use of the IP
  • Set clear terms for revoking or royalty payments
  • Use of IP in live products or just mockups for the AIP process

Over the last year, there have been several opportunities where an AIP submitter was looking to utilize ape imagery and art in their website, game, or other project. When/If you are approached to use your IP, be sure to vet their idea and give some simple terms of use before approving.


Would be great to setup a standard contract that we could refer to, would help both parties involved gain some insight to contract and legalities involved. Could be a base contract that could be extended as needed.

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