Looking for feedback on How to utilize Apecoin into a frozen lasagna business

Im looking for feedback on a frozen Lasagna (to start) Business called Pancho’s Poppin Foods. It’s a recipe I have developed for over a decade and had many different experiences making Veggie, Meat and some Vegan varieties. People love the recipe and I’m wanting to use BAYC 7217 Pancho Poppins and BAKC Little Fella as #6321 as Brand Ambassadors for this frozen food and event catering Lasagna.

Here is the website I put up as preliminary page https://www.poppinfoods.com/

The idea is that Frozen lasagna will be distributed through grocery chains and mail order like a Hello fresh model as well as catered for live events off a food truck

Looking at a monthly subscription model that could be discounted if apecoin is used. additional merch etc sold in apecoin both in otherside and web 2 .com worlds

I imagine partners for co-packing and ghost kitchens as well as supporting other brands like Bored and Hungry ape water etc.

Please take a look. I would love to get this off the ground but could use some connections and startup money to complete the vision.

working on a portion of proceeds going toward a not for profit vision foodoasis.org to bring fresh food to food deserts

I have secured the eth address as well as domains.

Ideas and feedback / resources


I think the first and most common usecase is accepting apecoin as a payment. Ofc not many people in web2 use apecoin but you can always give additional perks for those who order via apecoin, like 10% off or +1 pack like that.
Many card companies use the same tactic; use our card on your next meal and get 10% cashback or pay via this card and… well its pretty much the same offer everywhere. For individuals , 1+1 is a great deal and for bulk purchase, 10% off is a great deal as well.
All of this will act as major factor for people to buy and pay via apecoin, be it metamask or paying via any exchange assuming how easy it would be to create an exchange account, KYC etc, buy apecoin and pay.

tldr: business model: pay fiat = normal
pay via apecoin : additional perks like +1 /10% off. Can go both ways
This is nice and hope you can lift this off to the moon


P.S. If you get enough engagement and partnership, maybe one day you can be official partners with various ETH and NFT events that happens in the state. So thats more bonkers!


Thanks Evil. collecting ideas. so I appreciate it


Discounts for online purchases are great and I plan to implement that for sure

Are there any other ideas people can add? I also have several otherdeeds and plan to get a filter for my ape soon to promote. Long term when otherside opens I will build a shop in otherside for otherside purchases exclusively in apecoin

Can they move this to an AIP idea? Or should these ideas be in Help? As a new user some rearranging will make it easier to follow.

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Here it is: Poppin Foods Lasagna Company founded by Pancho Poppins