Looking for feedback on new newsletter design!

Hey everyone, I’m looking for feedback on my new newsletter design. On January 18th, Revue by Twitter was shut down. For many months, I had a simple newsletter available on my Twitter profile. I’ve now transitioned to using substack, and have populated it with new & updated articles.

I’m looking for feedback to make it better, and am also considering creating a stand-alone Twitter account for the project. The theme is based around conversations with chatGPT, and the articles are quite fun to write. Robots say interesting things!

I will be doing bi-weekly DAO articles as well, mainly focusing on mid-month updates & general summaries of governance actions & proposals passed. Updates on ecosystem projects will also be added. You can read the latest February summary @ https://apegpt.substack.com/p/february-summary I’ll also work to write up summaries for the last couple of months for continuity.

Don’t skip over the other articles, because chatGPT has given some often interesting & pleasant answers to common questions about the BAYC, DAO, and the greater web3 movement. What do you think about the answers? I’d love to discuss them here. You can also message me here on the forums with feedback or if you’d like to contribute to the project.



Looks great. Dark b/g is a nice touch.

Substack’s quite limited in what you can customize but that’s for its greater good IMO.


Thanks Br00no! I wanted to provide a great newsletter with content that would interest multiple target audiences. It’s also unimposing in its views, which is important in a community w/ many ideas. The color was matched w/ discourse so it should feel natural for us forum folks. :handshake:

I built https://www.ApecoinWatch.com which was a much better interface, but ultimately the automation and cross-posting between mediums became time-consuming during the busy months of DAO elections & happenings in early winter.

With this, it’s something that I can easily manage and have fun with. I often miss having fun on the forums like last year, so I’m trying to get back to that, because it’s what I enjoy the most.


Very interesting ChatGPT.

“The grant process is governed by smart contracts that allow members to submit proposals, vote on proposals, and allocate funds to approved proposals.”

IMO, this is a false statement. Currently grant process is not governed by smart contracts instead by voting via snapshot”



In further conversations with chatGPT, we’re going to correct information that may not be completely accurate or upto date. @Lost laughs often about “not training the robots,” well…apeGPT as a project is training the robots LOL!!

During my first conversations with chatGPT, it was unaware that The Otherside was being built at all, and spoke about how it would require a massive undertaking, but I directed it to look further into it, and it spidered public sources of information, and now has information available on demand. I’m keeping logs of all this stuff, because it’s fascinating to work with.


Yeah, chatGPT is a great AI platform, even though it is not perfect yet, but grammatically everything was correct. Well, we cannot expect the answers are 100% accurate. Thanks for taking note, and my comments. :slight_smile:



" I wanted to provide a great newsletter with content that would interest multiple target audiences."

Cheers to that! This gets overlooked in a LOT of what goes on in Web3 / NFTs when you consider the biggest target audience is the vast majority of people - probably over 95% - who’ve never owned an NFT or probably even a legit altcoin.

A lot of what’s proposed in AIPs is really only preaching to the choir and making the space smaller - “we’re gonna do this thing that already exists for everyone but gate it or make it appeal only to people who know this and hold this and this”.

Sometimes it makes total sense, maybe even necessary. Gating this Discourse at a mere 1 $APE for example. Usually it isn’t, and doesn’t benefit the space in general or the DAO specifically.

So again kudos & thanks to you and hopefully consolidating your efforts on a leading platform open to everyone will free up your time and make it more FUN plus with greater reach. If it ain’t fun… meh.


Hi @0xSword,

ChatGPT is fascinating and super useful for some applications, but it falls apart very quickly when asked about niche topics.

Sponsoring a newsletter that publishes factually incorrect information from an AI model that was trained prior to the existence of the DAO does not make any sense to me.

From the ChatGPT FAQ:
Can I trust that the AI is telling me the truth?

  • ChatGPT is not connected to the internet, and it can occasionally produce incorrect answers. It has limited knowledge of world and events after 2021 and may also occasionally produce harmful instructions or biased content.

Maybe. I think it’s a matter of how one works with AI via questions and context. It clearly disclaims, many times over, that its data comes from 2021 sources, but there are a lot of valuable insights given by the AI as well. I can look at reskinning as something different, instead just manually create the articles, this just seemed like a fun & meme-able way to spread stuff. Plus, the governance updates and things have to be written by a human w/ knowledge of the latest events.

I don’t see much or any harm in sharing basic starter conversation. Again, I’m open to feedback & looking at reskinning. I just think it’s a fun way to share simple info. Thank you ser


I’m sure you’ll figure out something that adds value here.

  • Surfacing valuable insights - great!
  • Correcting disinformation about the DAO - great!
  • Pushing questions through a chatbot and publishing incorrect information - not so great.

Thank you!


Really love how you’re experimenting with AI and want to interest multiple target audiences! :heart:

Some feedback:
I did notice wrong answers and not sure that it’s clear that the answers come from ChatGPT and that all of what it is saying isn’t accurate. Maybe better clarify this and provide accurate answers as well.

I’ve found that ChatGPT does many things well, but when it comes to things that are fluid, it struggles since it can’t access new data.

Good luck and once again, love you’re experimenting!


I like the Chat GBT tie in and think the content reads well. Been using Chat GBT for blogs and newsletters too, definitely need to keep an eye out for accuracy issues. Such a useful tool tho. Like the ape graphics too!


I know I often give you a hard time and we disagree on a lot of things, however, I’ve decided to try and only concentrate on the positives of Ideas and always give credit where credit is due, regardless of history, (which I admit I’m still working hard on). So my thought on the topic initially was that you are trying something new and without people who do this I think we don’t have much hope of getting very far in the long-run.

Granted there are issues with accuracy, which I’ve seen for myself and others have mentioned, but if I look at the positive points, I actually find myself giving a thumbs up to the idea and effort, as you’re trying to further the newsletter so it does not become stale or lost within the sea of other newsletters, so just makes perfect sense to me ngl.

Suggestion: Maybe you could add additional text in brackets for example, to correct the AI or add it in a different colour and remove the nonfactual text? For example where it says “10 billion apecoin” either put in brackets or in red just after - (correction: “1 billion apecoin”), this will keep the integreity of the AI response but at the same time relay the facts; or you could replace the “10 billion” with “1 billion” but put the text in a red colour, with a key table explaining what the red text means. There are a few ways I see to make this workable.

So my final sentences will be, (without ulterior motives), keep on mixing it up Todd, I don’t feel it just yet, but with some tweaking and time I could be a believer fr and it’s also still super new and early for AI too. So I hope you will keep on exploring the AI ideas, as I see no real downside.


Yeah, the AI is great idea! Just need to know that the current ChatGPT system is…kind of premature. So have to check its accuracy and context carefully before publishing it… ChatGPT AI is definitely :+1: great tool to use, it does the writing :writing_hand: much better than most of us!


Sorry - late to the party :sweat_smile:

Love what you’re doing here @0xSword - let me know if you need any help with anything!

The AI angle is definitely interesting, and excited to see how it evolves over time. In terms of design, I’m not too familiar w the limitations of Substack, but general rule of thumb for editorial/articles is to avoid harsh contrasts like white on black or pure black on white - maybe worth playing around with an off-white or cream color for type and a more muted/grey bg vs flat black. Helps reduce strain on longer articles and keeps those eyeballs fresh.

Full steam ahead :saluting_face:



Looking good Sword!

Happy to show this some love in the zine!! Reach out anytime to chat!!! We are stacking!!!



Love the Design ! I’d have to agree with a few regarding a little concern with using the Chat GPT that may provide misinformation.


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